Car Park Menace

Today, I was at Jalan Raja Laut, at the infamous open-air car park behind the Coliseum Cafe. And yes, these annoying people are still plying their trades there. What they do is very simple:

1) They wait for you to park you car or go to your car.
2) Then they come over, take out a spray can and start spraying it on your car.
3) Before you can do anything, they will start "polishing" and show you how good that spray is
4) So, you have to buy them
5) If you do not, pray to God that nothing happens to your car (well, usually nothing happens)

So, while they're doing this, I was reluctant to go to my car. So, I walked around a bit and pretended to talk on my Mobile Phone while I was actually taking snapshots. The photos also prove one thing: The camera on my Sony Ericsson T630 is crap. Some shots had their brightness adjusted.

This guy was demoing to the 4x4 and used my car as demo material. The bastard!

While waiting for their victim, this guy decided to do a good job to impress the car owner. In this case, they would have no choice but to buy those crap stuff.

There was nearly a big argument here because the gentlemen rudely pushed him off

And here is how they contribute to the environment

You can't see it clearly, but this shot shows the guy in black was walking very fast towards another victim

The car park people did not bother to get rid of these bastards. And they had a SOGO sign outside

This their car. And they just parked inside the parking lot. No wonder the car park people did not bother them

Another shot of the Kancil being worked on

Loads of crap stuff in their boot.

Weird Dreams

I just had a very strange dream this morning while lying comatose on bed.

I am a specialist sent to troubleshoot a problem. One of the rogue cloned soldiers has grafted his mate's head into another soldier's body. The problem was, each clone soldier was created to exist in a specific phase/reality. By combining a head and another body, the new soldier now exists in two different phase/reality. And therefore, able to kill a lot more innocent people.

I still cannot understand what it was all about.

The dream the day before was ever better. At the back of our house, was a well/swimming pool. Everytime I go there, I would dive down and swim with Dolphins in the dark. I woke up feeling nostalgic and sad.