Trying out the T630 camera

Ok, I am back from whatever I was suffering from. So, on the way to a distant customer, I decided to try out my Sony Ericsson's T630 camera after finding a few tips from the Internet:

1) The "*#06#" IMEI code that worked on Nokia, also works here.
2) A secret menu can be accessed via "right star left left star left star", Similar to Nokia's Diagnostic mode, which can be activated via Logo Manager and others. Good for knowing your T630's firmware revisions
3) To see if your phone is locked, go "<**<" 4) In the
edit info screen for a contact
if you highlight a number (mobile, home, etc)

and press:
* + 1 = cut
* + 2 = copy
* + 3 = paste
5) The Camera has a "Night Mode" which you can access via pressing the "MORE" option or

press 1 to switch between small/large photo sizes
press 2 to turn night mode on/off
press 3 to *cycle* through the phot effects
press 4 to turn self-timer on/off

A shot of my HP iPaq 4350

Spotted this VW in Bangsar, for sale

Spotted this Audi in Kelana Jaya, nice

The front shot. Too bad My FujiFilm FInepix S5500 was not with me

Alat-alat seni pertahankan diri - "Self-Defense Equipment"
Telephone cards
Taek-Won-Do Uniform
Taek-Won-Do Equipment
Photostat copy
Parking tickets
Rubber stamp
Printing cards
Comb binding

This metallic worm was "satisfied"

Caught this guard, guarding his newspaper. Had to brighten up the shot

Highway at Dusk

Steering and shooting

A Night Mode shot at the LDP/TTDI traffic lights

Another Night Mode shot at the TTDI Pizza Hut traffic light

Same shot in normal mode.