Kaelynn's Progress II

All of a sudden, Krsitine found a pair of socks from her
Grandma's wardrobe. It was fun and cute at first but
I had to take it off her (screaming and crying) as the
socks makes the stairs very slippery

And all the while, Kaelynn is looking on with interest at
her elder sister. Yes, this girl is smart too. Already, she
is starting to master her skills

First, she rolls about to the direction she wants

But sometimes, she will over-roll (is there such a word?)

And when she rolls back to start again, her hands would
usually have a mind on its own

But once she gets her bearings right, Kaelynn would
then start to crawl towards her intended victi....er

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

When Tomy first came out with their version of Laser Tag, I was very interested in them. Its not because you can go running around corners trying to shoot at your friend but because of its design. You see, the guns were quite nice. And when it came to guns of these genre let alone toy guns, this is very unique, sort of like what Matsamune Shirow might design

Anyway, that was years ago and I have noticed that a year after its introduction, there were a lot of imitations using the same design. Some were Rm12 toy guns and some were even direct copy of the same thing. However, during these copying process, some copycat would start to really re-design the gun with mixed results.

This is the original Revolver at some obscene I forgot, which I think, was close to Rm90. You'd have to search my blog as its past mid-night. You get 10 shots and then its empty they red light goes out and you have to pull the slider at the back to reload. While you pull the trigger, the barrel turns as well.

This is the RM15.90 copycat. The battery compartment is the same. When you pull the trigger, the red slider and the barrel moves. The purple thingy lights up and you can blind other kids with the laser light at the other end of the barrel. I made a mistake here in that I forgot to put the slider back in its place. Yes, it does jam, just like a real gun. And it has the "Fire! Ratat-tat-tat" sound.

This is a slightly modified design of the same revolver and it costs me RM5. It does not do anything but when you pull the trigger, there is a friction motor which gives you that "Ratat-tat-tat" sound. The modifications made this revolver look very brutish and looks like very dangerous. But you'd have to get rid of the scope and those "Future Gun" stickers first.

And here are the three guns again. And the original looked like a toy gun now. Maybe one day, I will paint it to look more realistic

This is the trigger, which is a bit small for an adult
I pulled it too hard an now its stuck. One day, when
I have time, I will modify it.

Guess where the design of the rear slider comes
from? Its from the revolving RM19.90 gun I
broke some time back. Yeah, search the blog

The barrel design is nice but I have to remove the
orange tip

And this time, the design around the barrel on both
sides are the same, unlike the original. So, you do not
have to worry about the gun being used for right
handers only

But still, I like this one the best. Its taken from
Stallone's Judge Dredd film, copied and modded
about for Sony Plastation consoles. Yes, the red
lights under the barrel does work even when I
gutted it.