Going to Kepong 18092010

Yep. Spending the whole day with my Dad in Kepong, to be exact. It all started when I was about to go out for my weekly Saturday Pasar Road trips when my Dad told me about the accident on his car. He did not see some wood jutting out while parking on a spot to pick Kristine and Kaelynn from school. And so, it resulted in a cracked side lamp. I know its part of my fault and so, we decided to go to Kepong to source out a new lamp unit.

(How is it my fault? See, you first meet a girl, then you get married.........)

Luckily, the damage was only up to the lens cover
which can be easily replaced. Provided we can go
find one, that is. But for the gouged bumper, there
is nothing much we can do but to get it replaced.
Which, to us, is not an option.

At one of the cut-up shops, we located the
it. And for RM50.oo, it was a bit too much
when my Dad asked me. Then again, if you
compare it with the cost of an original one
plus the time waiting for them to get it or
order it, the price just does not seem to be
too expensive at all. Or maybe its just me.

I spotted one of this thing and wanted one because
of its design. The guys told me, its a Turbo timer,
which I replied, "Not a problem since my car has no
Turbo". (I know that was stupid) And, so, to spare
some other motorhead the grief, I took the worse
one which had missing buttons for RM50.00 which
dad promptly paid for it before I can protest.

On the way back, I collected back an electric
motor for one, "Mr. Chin from Sabah". They
can't fix it and so, maybe I just go look for a
shop in Pasar Road and try my luck there. I
used to see a "Transformer repair shop" long
ago, and maybe, they might help. Or maybe
they might not.

Before we reached home, I detoured to Pasar Road
to get more White LEDs and some more components
as I felt that its going to be a long weekend. Since its
already lunchtime, I decided to pack some lunch as
well for the four of us since Wife and the girls are
still away.

Yes, its very important to have a good square meal.

Back home, Dad couldn't wait to repair it after
lunch and so, I let him tinker with it for a while
before I step in. I mean, if both of us could not
get it on, we'd have to go a workshop instead,
and pay more bucks.

Earlier on, I told him how to connect the lamp
as the tests have shown that the bulbs were
not affected. So, basically, you just unplug the
actual bulb from the broken unit and reattach
it to the new unit. I stepped in when dad could
not put it back together again. While he was
looking for a tool for me, I just screwed the unit
back on after I hooked it to the bumper, all done
in less than 3 minutes. ahem. In this case, I like
how the Japanese designed the unit to have a
secure mounting but using minimal screws.

Solar Sugarlove

Not sure why I bought this. I mean, for RM9.00,
it should be a bargain but after thinking about it,
this toy just sits there and swings about. No lights,
no rocking head, etc. So, why did I ever buy it?

Then again, its just me, I suppose.