Hapless Student and her Mom

Going to Pasar Road is a lot of fun for me because I can see a lot of things. And there are sometimes, things that I do not want to see:

I was walking back to my car when a Mother with her Daughter followed a man. This guy looks more like one of those uniformed technicians (because he has his silver tool bag with him la). So, when I was within earshot, they were actually asking for his help. Apparently, the girl was doing an electronic project involving Infra-Red. Because her Mom was with her, I can guess what is going to happen next. And here is the theory:

The girl is most probably a student who know nuts about Electronics and because this will affect her marks or something, Mom decided to help by looking for this guy in the hopes that he will help (complete) the project. The guy gets paid (at HIS asking price), the Mom pays (so her Daughter gets good marks) and the daughter makes it to the next Education level. Everyone is happy.

What a load of bullshit!!!!!

Although Electronics are a bit daunting, it is not that difficult. Where most projects failed lies in the soldering and also wrong positioning of components. Unless you have the dexterity of a spastic monkey, soldering is quite easy. Many students are afraid of doing Electronics because of so much "troubles". They do not even know who to turn to when it (project) failed or where to get more replacement components. So, it is cheaper to buy the solution and get it over with.

I have seen many parents buying electronic stuff for their children's school projects, sometimes buying more than one set because their child do not know how to solder a component without burning it. That is why I feel like kicking them in the face when they opted for a 30Watt soldering iron instead of an 18Watt or so. After their project is over, all these tools will go into the dustbin.

In the end, Daddy or Mommy pays the guy, and their child gets a working project. End of story. Pity. Because, in the end, the only lesson they learnt was:

1) They have their Parents to pay for their problems.
2) Electronics Sucks
3) Yeah, and Money Talks.

BTW: If you need someone to do your projects, I am that GUY too.