Rock & Roll Kristine

Today is a great moment for us. Kristine was actually trying to roll on her side by herself!

On her back, she would start by lifting her legs slightly, and then swing it to her left. Using the momentum from the legs, she swung her lower body followed by the chest until they're lying on the mattress. Then, using her hands, she propped herself up. Or tried to.

Heh. This is where the recovery team (us) had to step in because her left hand is always entangled under her chest. We had to help her move her hand or else she would start crying as its is quite painful with the stress of her whole bodyweight.

Kristine trying to roll on her side

Farewell to my ....... handsfree kit

So, this is the main reason why I do not like corded handsfree-kits for Mobile Phones. I get in and out of the car about many times a day. So, each time I had to take out the mobile phone and connect/disconnect the darn thing. Which, yes, as you can imagine, increases the tear and wear on both equipment. And not only that, because I had to take out the phone all the time, it never fails to drop out of the car whenever I open the door.

And my most recent victim happened in just one and a half days after buying it. Yeah, the headpiece got snagged to the seat's lever and all it took was just one unforgetful tug.....

And if I am not mistaken, this is handsfree-kit #19. sad, to say, my Bluetooth is really dead.

Stupid proverb of the day:
Shift the stick and rouse the dick