Toshiba e830 PDA

You know, my friend was right, "When you do not like a person/thing, you'll have a lot of negative things to say"

It happened when I finished my last call for the day, the customer passed me a Toshiba PDA as my colleague forgot to collect it for repair. So, I got it home and opened the box myself. After a few minutes of searching, I discovered that the small switch for the PDA's battery was off. (Andin the manual, you cannot do this because it would reset the PDA and deletes whatever you have so preciously stored in there.

Nice. And stupid

And the same goes when you need to use the WiFi and Bluetooth feature as well. You need to switch them on as well.

Nice and stupid.

All in all, after having my iPaq4350 for years, the Toshiba e830 is no different than the next cup of coffee after you drank your Ice Blended Caramel Mocha (or whatever you can get from Starbucks or Coffee Bean these days). In other words, it does the job but there is nothing good to look forward to.

Even my iPaq was faster despite having half the memory of the e830's 128MB

And the sound. Oh, God, The sound. Its like trying to use your Walkman earphones as speakers.

So, I am not too terribly excited with this piece of shit and I think they should stuck to making for reliable and expensive Notebooks. Even when I was a staff there, I would still not buy it. At the time when it first came out, it was ok enough to give HP a run for their money but after so many years there were no newer models. This shows how popular they are.

The good points? Oh, very well. Since there are so many bad points:
1) It allows you to use CF Cards
2) Its heavy enough to kill a cat if you throw at it
3) Screen is crisp and sharp
4) The cradle emits blue light at the base when charging.

Side by side, its slightly smaller than my iPaq4350

The screen is much bigger, though

The cradle which emits blue light in case you need
to know that your PDA is charging at night

It took my SD card and played my MP3s badly