Working undeground

Some time ago, I mentioned about pulling cables for one of our customer in the basement parking lot. And so, today is the day. As my job is getting more and more, I had to split my team into doing different calls before meeting at the place. By the time I have finished mine, everyone was already there, including my Boss. Earlier on, they have already pulled the cable from the keyphone system one level above and now, we are going to concentrate on the basement area. Its not a tiring job but somewhat dangerous. The problem is because of the (green) cable tray located in the middle of the ceiling.

It is also very high and we had to borrow some scaffolding to get the job done. As we're working, someone had to keep a look out for cars and steer them so that they do not hit into the scaffolding. (OK, so we have no budget to get some warning cones, reflective vests and some hazard lights. Besides this is a "one-off" job which we do not do very often). For the rest of the evening, it took us about two hours to pull the cable over a distance of about 200 hundred or so meters.

The job is very simple. One to lead the cable above, one to move the scaffolding, one to move/follow the rest of the cables along and one to make sure the cables to do not tangle or cars hitting into the team. But the time we finished, all of us were very dirty thanks to the dusts accumulated from the cable tray.

The block which we're working on, had power failure.
So, it was very dangerous is a car did not see us. My
Boss's and my white LED torch did not help much.

As you can see, his hands are very dirty

We all had a slight panic at one time because the cables really
did tangle up. And if we cannot untangle it, we would have to
pull back the cable and redo again. Luckily, we managed to
untangle it at last.

Actually, it is not fun to sit on the
scaffolding because its rickety,
and you have to make sure the
guy moves it straight.

We had to stop here because we're about 50metres short
and there are no more cables. So, my Boss would have to
get more cables before we can continue. One roll of these
cables are not cheap. Its near to a thousand ringgit.

Some of my techs were fooling around
as we drove the van around the car
park with the door open. Since we
cannot carry the scaffolding back
to the office, we had to chain it to one
of the car park's pillar. Ha ha ha ha ha!

So busy........

Losing my Ass is one thing and working like I've lost my Ass
is another. Still, how I wish I can sit on a park, with the kids
running around us. I like the park to be an island, just like
the one in the picture. With the wind wafting in between the
buildings, filled peaceful urban noises around us. Bliss!

If not, I think I am going to do worse than this fella.
Work is pilling up again, and there is no breathing
space for me again. I am going to suffocate soon.