System Installation

Today was quite a relaxing day because I did not have to run around to see my customers. Instead, I was installing a PBX system. Because of customer's requirements, I had to split the job into at least five days (or less if i can help it). This is because they have purchased only two cabinets and the third cabinet can only be dismantled from their old office after working hours come this Friday as they only start the shifting on Saturday. From the floor plan, they have at least 102 extensions, split into two floors.

The job is not much until you realise that the cabling contractor might terminate the wrong pairs of cables (All 102 of them) or there are at least 102 extensions to go round the two floors to plug the phones in and test them all. Horrors!

So, here is my plan:
Day One
-Install the first two cabinets, which consists of the processor card, the interface cards and also the incoming line cards.
-Prepare the cabling for the telephone extensions.
-Re-initialise the processor card (again) and perform minor programming

Day Two
-Complete the cabling connections from the PBX
-Program and test all the extension ports

Day Three
-Dismantle the third cabinet from their old office near Serdang
-(And maybe bring it myself instead of waiting for them to do it)

Day Four
-Mount the third cabinet into the new office in Jln Ampang
-Complete the cabling for the telephone extensions
-Test all the telephone extensions and make sure the programming works

Day Five
-Time Telecoms will come in to commission the 10 incoming lines
-Full PBX testing before handover

However, I hope to complete this job within 3 days if I can, due to the sudden tremendous pickup in service from various customers. And at the same time, there is another system for me to relocate which I have to split the job into two days due to the cabling problems there. Luckily, I managed to get help from a General Worker from the Renovations dept who is quite a quick learner. So, I let him handle the 93 extensions to get the feel of things. And I also get to play with the Walkie Talkie. Ha ha ha ha ha

OK, mounted the first 2 cabinets
Notice the connections at the bottom right

Peering a little bit more to the bottom, these are the cables to the first 93 telephone extensions
The others will be done by their contractor by Thursday

The processor card and the extension interface cards

Not all wires in there are usable.
But this does not mean you can cut it away

All done on the PBX side!!!

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