Kristine's First Day at School

Everyone starts school today and Kristine was actually looking forward to it. And so, I told my Boss that I would be late since I wanted to take her to school on her first day. And so did my Dad. Its so nice to hold her hand in her enthusiastic fashion compared to a year ago. Her new classroom is now located on the First floor instead and this does not even faze her. But when she walked into the classroom, she got that first day look again.

This was not because that the classroom is new but because of the class teacher. Yep, she is a stranger to her. And not only that, she realised that some of her familiar classmates are no longer there but sent to other classes. It seems that all the students were randomly mixed instead of staying together. I suppose this might be a good thing because it allows them to mix more with other "strangers".

Kristine with Winnie the Pooh.
We let her hug-hug in the car
but not to bring it with her into
the classroom

See that "lost" look? Although the new class looked the
same, but some of the other students were new to her.

And so is the Class Teacher but now, since they're all "experienced",
everyone knows what to do first thing when the class is in session

Except for some, that is. This time, its not Kristine but her old
classmate. And for no apparent reason, they switched roles.

As usual, anxious parents blocking the road, which pissed me off and I
start to horn one of them. How can you block my car by staying in front
while I have no space to come out of the parking? I had to horn this
stupid driver time and time until they moved one feet in front. Alas, my
did not go avenged as the car behind me, which I "reserved"
my space for him did not dare to park since I acted too aggressive and so,
the front driver took it. Haih