My Friend's Brother's Wedding

You know, as I go further with my D50, I realised that I suck at photography. I mean, taking shots of a wedding (last time) was easy with my FujiFilm s5500 as I just set it to the best setting and they all comeout wonderful. But with the Nikon D50, it is another story because I keep setting the wrong setting and also have problems with White Balance.

Throughout the night, I was busy fiddling with the setting (OK, so I still did not read the manual) instead of putting everything to AUTO and letting the D50 do the rest. I always have White Balance problem when it comes to lighting in Hotels and Public places. haih.

By the time I got everything almost right, it was almost over. This was because at the table I was sitting at, most of them got calls stating Barisan Nasional lost in both Penang and Selangor. And even in KL, Sharizat lost as well. Fearing chaos (already reported in Selangor where emeotions are running high) I decided to take the MRT and LRT back home as soon as I can. So, after the big toast and group photos, I left immediately, walking back under the rain to the Jalan Imbi MRT station as fast as I can.

Either I go and learn from someone or start reading and experimenting more with the D50 or else I will always be like this. Live View features are great but not now.

So, in this setting, everything was OK except for the speed

So I set the WB to FLASH and this is what I got

Jazz players in the dark, so I set the EV higher but in the end, I
had to settle for flash shots. Haih

Then, well, more problems

And this was usually my forte for candid shots but I just
can't get things right for that night

Finally, I got it just right but all the good
shots are gone. Haih and double haih

In the end, while waiting for transport, I settled for my
usual still shots.

Voting day

So, today is the day we play GOD to Politics. I have more or less made up my mind on who to vote since the candidate I wanted was not in tis constituency. Still, I have no problem with that. I would just have to compromise. My family went earlier while I waited for a friend of mine. In the evening, I would be away for a Wedding Dinner and I could not help worrying if something might go wrong in the night when the results are out.

[Update: 09032008 00:00]
Barisan lost big in Penang and Selangor to the Opposition and both sides are in shock over the results. Biggest shock was a two-term hardworking Sharizat (BN) lost to Nurul Izzah (PKR) who just came into the picture. Other BN bigwigs lost too, such as Sami Vellu (who has now totally destroyed MIC with no successor) and Kayveas.