Blowjob at ICW

Thanks to a friend who name-I-cannot-mention, I got an Airbrush. A real honest to goodness shiny Sparmax Airbrush! And so, after asking some questions, I was confident enough to use it at ICW (OK, they're on Facebook too) where airbrush compressors and spray booths are there for you to use.

I have not touched an Airbrush since 1994 and at that time, mine was a basic airbrush which gets its pressure from expensive aerosol cans (aka propellants). And during that horrible period, I was spray painting some models and if you were to ask me which model, I could not remember. All I could remember was the constant heating of the cans to maintain sufficient air pressure and cleaning the damn thing when changing colours. In fact, I wasted more precious gas on trying to get it to work instead of getting paint on my works.

Fast forward 17 years later, my on and off quest to get an Airbrush was technically fulfilled. But there is a catch. Since I was not a paying SFTPMS member, I could not attend all those Airbrush workshops. But having gone through a few personal fears, I decided to push myself further and just tonight, I found myself standing outside, in front of ICW's door.

rayloke was there, and he was kind enough to help set up my and prepare 'workspace' and all that. The whole night was even better when he sat down next to me and showed me how to clean, maintain and use the Airbrush. No condescending or sarcastic tones, but a personal and patient teacher.

rayloke showing me how to 'prepare' the Airbrush for the first time

Although the Sparmax was clean from the outside, the inner paint reservoir and especially the needle showed otherwise.

My first Airbrush was a basic model. In fact, it was so basic that I cannot see it anywhere on sale nowadays. Its a very simple single-action design; the front houses an adjustable spray nozzle which you need to adjust for different spraying widths and next to it was the trigger. And just below the front of the Airbrush was the paint bottle. You press the trigger, the pressurised air sucks the paint up and get shot out. So, for a beginner, it was more than adequate. But this time round, I have lost that airbrush and picking up from where I have left off proved to be a bigger challenge than I thought.

This is because the 'new' Airbrush works differently. Its a double-action where you pull the trigger to adjust the air pressure. And how much pressure you press downwards into the trigger determines how much paint goes into the airbrush. And yes, it is actually a very difficult concept to grasp and by the end of the session, my fingers were tired.

This was my original way of holding the airbrush decades ago, I can do this because that airbrush had a nice paint bottle at the bottom which also serves allows me to grip it. Here, the same stance was impossible due to the fact that the trigger is now located in the middle.

The next grip style was an improvement but because there is no grip at the bottom, it made holding the Airbrush very unstable. Not only that, because its a double-action, my thumb is practically useless.

In the end, I had to use this stance, which is how all airbrush users are adopting. Just that there is nothing at the bottom for my grip fingers, it feels very uncomfortable as if the airbrush will fall off my hand anytime.

This is rayloke's work. He shows me how to paint part of the shield green. bear in mind that the paints used (Mr. Hobby) is slightly transparent.

And this is my first try. Paint splatters, uneven shades, spits and all other mistakes. Eugh

There is discipline where using an Airbrush is concerned.
And it must be followed thoroughly to prolong the Airbrush's lifespan.
Oh, and I need some toothpicks, metal dish and a brush too.
So, like rayloke said, once I get used to the airbrush, I can then decide if I want to continue to use ICW's facilities or get my own compressor. I am mulling on this one because if I need a compressor, I would also need to make my own spray booth and also, space.

Oh, and the joke of using tire tubes as source of air is unbearable since with modern tires, these tubes are almost obsolete and you need to go to the beach or a resort to get them. That is, if they're willing to sell it to you.....