Kal's project

Since Kal told me that he was not in a hurry for this project, I would just have to take my own sweet time. But after looking at it, and in its simplicity, I am so tempted to take off all my clothes, run around naked in the house and spread myself with J-B Weld in all those hard to reach places, while holding the circuit.

But seriously, once I get some space back (as my Official Hideout has been overtaken with Mom's stuff) I will have to get started. Its to easy to "take my time" and once I forget about it, it will stay forgotten for months. Or until I get to have a third kid which of course, nails my removal of any leftover social life I might still be able to cling to. Or whichever is worse.

And so, there you have it. The PKD console box
(or the nameless thing under the barrel) in both
metal and plastic. I've got a better switch but no
white paint. And I can't actually believe I bought
a Rm55.00 multipurpose 2-part epoxy/glue that
sticks anything except plastic. Or glass. Or hair.
Or chicken feather. Or Bones. Bla... bla... bla...


Since one of the customer has a problem which we could not intervene (the customer actually belongs to a vendor, which we only help out from technical point) I was literally free for the day. And so, I decided to follow the two monk......er, technicians in laying a cable and also deliver an invoice in Hulu Langat. Thanks to the PC Fair, the whole area nearby was jammed up and it was very difficult to get a nice parking spot for us to unload our equipment. Oh, and it was lunch hour too.

And it was drizzling as well. Sitting at the back
of the van was really uncomfortable as I keep
sliding out from the seat ever since my tech
now knows how to brake and accelerate at the
same time.

Coming back from Hulu Langat, we stopped by and
bought some fruits mainly langsat and rambutans.

On the way back to the office, I got bored and
to distract myself from the awful driving, I got
my Nikon out and started to shoot randomly.

Look Ma, no legs!

The odd one out

Motorcycle snatch thief

Evening edition

The Tower of Power

Going home

Getting it right the second time

For this case, all we need to do is to just lay the cable supplied by the customer for his client. Its a simple job; lay the cable and then go away. But unfortunately, as things go, the simpler things are, the more complicated it will be. For one, the client forgot to inform the Building Maintenance about us and so, we had to wait for almost two hours to get the application letter approved as the Manager was out on a lunch break. We were also almost late because of the PC Fair nearby, which made my tech's job of looking for a parking spot more difficult.

And so, the guys laid the cable
by throwing it above the ceiling
Wow, it took less than 10 mins!

Aha! But when I took a peek at the
top, they did not use the cable trays
(Don't know why this picture turned
anti-clockwise). All other vendors
used it except us, which is bad.

And so, I had to tell them to redo the
cables using the cable tray in case
the building guy decide to inspect us.
Time wasted: Three hours