Transformers Red Alert

I am not sure why I bought this at all. Must be because a friend of mine urged me to go into lighting up Transformers. 'Many people will come to you fo rhelp', 'You'd be famous', 'bla-bla-bla...'. Yeah, I was suckered by the sweet talk. Maybe I am such a masochist as I have not been in this situation since well, years ago.

Anyway, this was the cheapest toy I could find. I need something that is 'current' and not too old since toys like Transformers evolve very fast. Long ago, when they took up the license from Takara, the toys were very 'stiff' but you can still transform it. Nowadays, most of them can be realistically posed and still transform, which is quite nice.

But its bad news for me, as we shall soon see...

This time, the Red Alert toy
is a Lamborghini Gallardo, or
something close to it.

Because, if you take this pic and refer them to other
actual real Lamborghini cars, you would notice that
it takes bits and pieces from them. That is how I felt
when I decided to look it up when I got bored....

Anyway, looking at the back
of the blister card, you can
now see how it transforms
into a robot and its ability
to pose dramatically.

So, how to light it up? Well, the first thing is that
the roof needs flashing lights and unfortunately,
there is not enough space for a battery... I have
seen some doing it by sacrificing a MIC toy or
pendant. This would achieve the goal of flashing
lights but, at the sacrifice that they are not
in the correct sequence.

And oh, how I hate ball joints. This makes the whole
wiring job even more difficult since if at all, it can
transform, it would limit the flexibility of posing. I
was very tempted to drill out the rear lights and
light it up. But now, I have my reservations.

So, what do you think? Yep, correct. Toss it to the 'to-do' bin until I have the time, which is very unlikely at the moment.

Kenner's Batman Animated Batmobile

When Tim Burton's Batman Movie came out in 1989, it was a huge success. Not only did the movie capture the darker mood of the Dark Knight, the designs from the movie were breathtaking. From the sets to the props to the costumes, it really set the tone of the movie. And the most important 'prop' was the Batmobile, which makes Batman, well, Batman. It was designed by the late Anton Furst who gave it a very aggressive look yet retains the curves of a sleek looking car. It is easily one of the most popular Batmobile along with the 1966 Batmobile.

Fast forward three years later, The Batman Animated series came to our TV screens. And it was a huge success. The series not only boasted the voice talents of Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker of Star Wars fame) but also the way each character was drawn. But what attracted me most was the Batmobile. It was as if, the logical continuation of the Anton Furst Batmobile, but in a more, well, I don't know how to say this in artsy fartsy words, but its very.. erm.. let's just say, a brutally chunky art of deco-ish and mysterious shape which makes the Batmobile.

When I saw one of the episodes, I loved that car and so, began my search if such thing exists over here. I mean, at that time, I was busy working and so, did not bother much about these stuff. And so, when it came to Malaysia, it just sat on the shelves without me knowing the historical importance.

But finally, after my last trip to Amcorp Mall, I
got it. Its a little beaten up, though but I got it!

The canopy for the Batmobile is actually a flip
up, and not a sliding one, which, I have to assume
is the correct way of opening in the series.

From the front, this is how the Batmobile looks like.
Although it looks simplistic, as if it was designed as
a battering ram. But it you look again at the top pic,
and from that angle, its perfect. My plans here is to
put lights at the front as just like in the series, the
lights are the ones, IMHO, that brings attention to
the otherwise dark vehicle.

This is the rear of the Batmobile. In the toy, the
clunky thing in the middle is what was termed
as an escape jet. If I have to do this correctly, I
would need to putty up everything here and
throw away the jet's fins/wings.

When I say its a little beaten up, I would expect
some scratches and scruff but this is a bit too much.
Its as if some kid smacked it against a wall.
The reality
could be much worse since my
imaginations are working
overtime but lets leave it at that.

So, I quickly opened it up and luckily, where the
damage was, the plastic pillar is holding it up fine.
But putting in the lights behind the pillar is going
to be a problem since I want them to spot-shine
on the path in the front of the Batmobile.

But as usual, work beckons and this, will be stuffed in the 'to-do' list. Maybe when I retire, that is...

The wonderful Scones of the Missus

Today, the Home Minister has issued the official food ration of the week: Scones.

Anyone who is not eating the said Scones would be given more Scones to eat throughout Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Any snacks in between these meals will be Scones. You can also choose the type of Scones available, which is either Scones or Scones. However, if you're not really into Scones, then, as a last resort, you can have some Scones instead, which tastes better than the Scones. Sometimes, if you think the Scones tasted a bit dry, just add some Scones to it.

When it comes to Scones, these specially handcrafted
wonderful works of Art are the best. Yes, sir. The Best.

And when I mean the Best, I mean THE Best. Just
look at the scrumptious texture, which can only be
from the result from hours of of loving hands.

And the aroma, oh, the aroma. Never have
my senses been bombarded with such delight.
One sniff and you're spellbound. You think of
nothing but Scones. In facfnes. I Scones. I Sco
ones. Scones. Scones. Scones. Scones. Scones

Scones. Scones. Scones. Scones. Scones.
Scones. Scones. Scones. Scones. Scones.
Scones. Scones. Scones. Scones. Scones.
Scones. Scones. Scones. Scones. Scones.

OK, you can untie me now....

10072011 Trip to Amcorp Mall

Another trip to Amcorp Mall today, just to see how things are getting on. The shop is setting up quite nicely and they are receiving a lot of items. Now, when I mention items, I do not mean 'current' one you se on the shelves but, items from years ago or even from your childhood days. Yes, these are the items I am talking about. Miss it and there goes your second chance forever.....

The shop had a surprise guest today. For those of
you know knows, you're OK by me.

Still don't know him? OK, here's your second chance...

The first thing you must do, when you have reached
the shop, is to go over the counter. Oh, greeting
the sellers might help but you must know your

I have no idea why but its there. The whole complete
collection. Saves you time buying those stupid mags
every month, which might or might not arrive.

And so, here are some nice ones from the counter.
of these are not sold here.

This is a very old kit and surprisingly, it
got sold as well.

I am sure the new owner will be very happy with it.

This was one of those 'toys' which you always see
from collectors in the Internet. Expensive but nice.
However, the fad for me has passed and this is now
nothing more than just a piece of metal. Also, the
price of a Hotwheels normal toy is now Rm7.50.

Ah, the very rare Transformers Headmaster, HiQ.
When it was being sold here long ago, it was very
expensive and also, it disappeared very fast too.

This, I think was just right after the Transformers
Headmaster series. For the Powermaster, you need
to plug in these sidekicks for the main robot to, well,
transform. Not a good idea if one of them died during
battle or someone needs to go to the toilet to pee...

OK, further on at the back of the counters, there are
more figures. However, you must know your stuff
here because some of them looked as if they have
been repainted...

As I have mentioned, if you know your stuff, the
Hologram Armour on the left is the real deal. No,
not Deadpool, but next to him. But when these
came out, they were selling for RM39.90, which
is a load of crap.

Was Judge Anderson feeling up Wolverine?

Or was it Richard Reeds feeling up Havok? I am
guessing The Hulk is having a fun time feeling...

If you ask me which is the
star attraction, my reply
would be, "Boneless Spidey"
here. He's a great hit with
the kids (and GF's too)

Finally, I got ol' Joe Dredd and this
is the Re-Action figure and not the
Legendary Heroes version. This is
the version I am looking for.

At the end of the trip, this is my haul. The rare Kenner
Batman Animated Batmobile, Re-Action Judge Dredd,
an old Daikin mascot and a Red Alert Transformer.