Mid-Autumn Pot luck

Yay! Its family time again! And as usual, its Pot Luck. Wife and I had discussed about what to bring but in the end, we settled for the Marmite Chicken since the even was pushed to Saturday from Sunday. Actually, I wanted to buy some Cheesy Crabs from PJ Seafood but changed my mind when Wife told me what would happen when it gets cold on the way there, especially the cheese. Moreover, I am not so sure if they are open that early anyway.

Still, we were wary about how to go there since its the first Weekend after Raya. And there were a lot of cars on the road, which is worrying. So, I took the fastest route via NKVE highway and came out of the back-roads to make up for the lost time (since I got off work and came home at about five-ish) as the dinner starts around six.

Kristine and Kaelynn playing with bubbles
which amazed Yen-yen.

Oh, you should see how he reacts with delight,
catching those bubbles.

And wherever the girls went, he was behind them,
catching the bubbles.

Even bubbles on the ground were not safe from his feet

Anyway, its time to makan and lots of lovely food. What
you see are contributions from each family member. I
wanted to try the prawn noodles but was afraid of the
allergy reaction.

Over here, are some choice rice, a cake(?), punch and
best of all, THE salad. No, that is not a bottle of vodka
sitting in the middle of the table.

But for me, a small surprise because this is what I was
looking for and did not expect it to turn up. Yum yum!
We had the oven cleaned but there was no time for me
to try out making my own.

There were two tables, one for the adults and the
other for the kids. But eventually, all the Ladies
went there too. Oh, and so did some dishes....

After dinner, it was more playtime for the kids

And this time, Kristine was not so afraid of fire
anymore. But I have to be careful because when
they were playing candles, her hair was too close
to the flames.

As for us adults, it was time to enjoy the tea but I
did not have much time since I was busy taking
photos and making sure the girls are not chasing
the boys away. Yeah, with both of them together,
they had become quite rough and intimidating.
(Calling them excited is a wrong word)

Then, it was time for some to
sleep as they were running
all over the place earlier.

But for the girls, it was more fun as they
get to play with Ryan's toys.

And they played Ryan too (Not "with" Ryan
but "on" Ryan). Kristine is tickling Ryan, who
was too shocked/stunned to run away or cry

By the time they started to jump on furniture and
run around the room, it was time to go home. If
not, things would get broken very fast. I had to
scold them as well as they became uncontrollable