The one with the PC problem

Got called to my Sister in Law's house today because of the slight problem with their computer. After a bit of detective work, I realised they have accidentally set up their Firewall to block some streaming data from a website.

And usually, with the girls around, things are very noisy downstairs. However, by the time I have completed my work, I noticed that it is very quiet....

And this is one of the reasons.

Wilrow Hood

OK, so this is the figure I got for RM20.00. This is Wilrow Hood. Google it and you will be amazed at the amount of background stories and attention for this just one movie extra whose job is to run around with an ice-cream maker. Yeah, you read that right.

Little was know of the extra's name but he
was the next fan favourite character voted
to be made into an action figure by Hasbro.

And here he is, running around in "Return
of the Jedi" after Lando Calrissian gave the
evacuation order.

And just look at him, the face tells it all.
The face of a hero.

And his computer core/ice-cream maker prop
which saved the Bespin Cloud City and the rebels.

Unfortunately, the figure did not look like that.
Yes, the sideburns and the facial hair are there
but his determined face turned into that of
hope lost and worry.

Still, that in famous beer belly was still
intact. In fact, as far as I can recall, this
is the second action figure that has a spare
tyre after Mcfarlane's Sam (of Sam & Twitch)

Paired with a GI Joe, height-wise....

And well, if you look at it sideways....

In the sitting position, because of his, erm
extra load, he can't sit properly. So, all you
boys and girls, stay off the beer and fatty
foods. And don't stay up after 10PM too.

And so, poor old Wilrow Hood, on screen, he
is a hero and on figure, a hopeless ice-cream
maker from Guantanamo Bay.

Star wars figures on the cheap

After the meeting with a customer, it was time for me to go back. But not until I have visited the nearby Toys r Us. Don't ask me why but its just... there.

What I noticed was that there were some
RM39.90 figures going cheap. And when
I meant cheap, it was RM20.00 cheap.
Unfortunately, this one was not cheap
and its no use swapping the price tag
because the counter guys would know

And so, let's have a look on which figure
I am going to get. This one looks promising
because I can use her robe for something
else. What for, I am not sure yet.

This is Stass Allie and she looks very nice

Unfortunately, in the box, she looked like as if
she had a bad case of fungus.

There was another figure which I was interested
in but it was not displayed anywhere in the store.
This si Luke Skywalker in his Snowspeeder pilot
oufit. What got me was his removeable helmet.

So, which one dud I buy? Heh. wait for part two.

Test Drive Unlimited 5

I was watching this Kid playing with the game
and yes, the way he drove the car into other
cars, buses, people, walls, etc., you'd wished he
won't get his driving license so early. Its a nice
game though and with the big TV screen, it does
feel quite real.

The one that got away

On the way to my customer in Jalan Chow Kit, I spotted a Summons exercise by some very hardworking Officers. They have to do this because the road is a very busy one and the double-parking happens every few minutes which clogs up the road. But there is a weird situation which I spotted...

This black car had a ticket.
Poor, poor black car.

This little black car next to it does not.
What a cute little black car.

All it had was a little parking ticket of
suspect-able value...