Superman's Gun

Everyone once in a while you will come across a new toy. For this case, its another Made in China gun. I am not sure if this gone existed for the Superman movie tie-in but it looked so much better for the Batman Begins movie. Anyhow, coming from China, I am sure this has been copied somewhere. Just where, I am not sure. Could be from Japan. But the design is nice, nonetheless.

For RM5.90, you can't expect much but roll a damp tissue
paper into it and its quite fun. Heh heh

But how I wished it was bigger. Then it would look convincing

Now, if I remove the red tag, and recolour it black.....
Or even white with blue, then it would be some kind
of a hypospray.....

Kristine's new Sunglasses

Kristine has "lost" her yellow glasses and so, I got her another pair, but at a cheaper price of RM1.20 (Heh). But because the lens are not proper UV shields, I won't let her wear them during daylight. Its one of cheap plastic frames with some transparent coloured pastics.

I got no eye see la.

Now we know what happened to those beautiful mooncake boxes

Nephew's Wedding

It was difficult to get a Saturday off but in the end, I got it. Since I am the "Uncle", I was not required to do anything much except to be present for the Tea Ceremony. So, after a gargantuan effort, we made it to my Brother in Law's house on time. And it was time to meet up with everyone and see how they have been. Anyway, since my nephew is due to return with his bride soon, everyone (the girls) were waiting impatiently. The Tea Ceremony was a bit too much for me as I have never been put under such a bright spotlight before. Since I was cautioned by Wife to say the "correct" things, all I could utter was, "You're grown up now, take good care of her." For the rest of the afternoon, it was all about eating and talking with everyone. And surprisingly, Kristine behaved herself and for her reward, she got to experience with seeing a pair of hamsters for the first time.

The next day was the actual Wedding Dinner, or rather, Lunch. Which to me, was something new since most of the time, it was usually Dinners. But anyway, there was not much difference except that there were more lights to see with.

Kristine and Kaelynn with their favourite cousin

Kristine and her first hamster encounter

Clearing up the Lunch spread the day before

This is Kristine after some very delicious desserts

Too much sweets

When I came back, I was surprised to see Kristine running around with some red stuff on her face. I thought she was still playing with that Lipstick/Sweet which instead of licking it, she went and smeared it about her lips.

Finally, with some help, I caught her

And its not her lipstick sweet. I wonder what was the source....

Poor poor cute little thing

Bored in the Van

This is a filler post
[Update: 04102007 With so many posts backlogged, this is just a waste of space]

This is just what I usually have since I was so busy for the past few weeks

And wife bought me a wastepaper basket. So I used some cable
to keep it from rolling all over the floor. Very dangerous when driving

NERF N-Strike Scout

OK! it has arrived! This is the last haul nex and I ever had (for the moment) from eBay. We got it months later as we opted for the cheapest shipping. OK, so I was broke at that time. Anyway, my share of the stuff was the N-Strike Scout pistol, easily one of the weakest weapon in the N-Strike series. I think it has been replaced with another model called the Nite Finder (but its not in the N-Strike Series) whihc has a great gun-butt design but the other end of the business takes some getting use to. Maybe I am using the wrong ammo as I took one from the Firefly since the Scout came empty and the average hitting distance was a mere five feet. Still, I am not so concerned about the firepower since its design was what attracted me in the first place. You can imagine how it looks is you just paint it black and it would not look out of place in any "Appleseed" or "Ghost in the Shell" anime series.

Just looking at the design was enough to make me go for it. Its simple and yet, looked functional. The Scout has already been copied, as I am not surprised since the original was manufactured in China. And I am still looking for this version as it comes with a laser pointer fitted.

OK, it has passed through local posts. And
just look at the design! Imagine it being
black in colour

Although the grip between the trigger and
the palm is a bit thin, you have to get used
aiming the gun a little lower as the angle
of the gun's holder. See the red circle? If
you slot it onto the Titan, I think you can
control its firing as when you push it down
the gun fires

This is the imitation gun which I am trying to get.
They plugged in a laser pointer on the middle hole
so the gun can only put in one round instead of two
But who cares?

Ooh, and this is the latest from NERF. Its called
the Disk-Launcher. And I want it! Ha ha ha ha