Revell's 1/144 Sea Shadow

The Sea Shadow was the US Navy's foray into stealth technology and was not announced until the early 90's. The Navy wanted to test low radar profile and the use of automation on this ship. There is a lot more information in this at the Wikipedia but otherwise, its also known as the ship in James Bond's Tomorrow Never Dies.

I got this from an SFTPMS member but his name escapes me. Its a very old kit too. I remember seeing this when I was younger but I did not buy it as at that time, I was more into Star Trek and stuff like that.

This kit has never been opened as you can see from the dead insect in the wrappings.

For 1/144 scale, I would not expect much from this kit. If there were some figures or interior, it would be a bonus

And for a kit that scale, the boat must be huge. So, the question comes, how the heck can a ship that big be able to avoid radar detection? The technology must be great.
Alas, this is going to the 'to-do' bin. Work, work, work...

Angry Bird Chequebook

Yep. You read the title right. An Angry Bird chequebook. But its for kids, la. I would not be surprised, with all these rage about the game, that there would be Angry Bird toilet papers and also, perhaps, Angry Birds pasta shapes.

Then again, maybe not because it would be a nightmare for parents when the kids start flinging the pasta shapes all over the kitchen....
Fifty Dollars for Ms. Sharon. At least, I think the kinds know how to write a cheque by now...

The Magnets

Sometime ago, I get these magnets from tziplee. The reason was twofold, one for the fridge and the other, was for some future kit-bashing since the plastic looks like a good light distributor.

For very little money, the magnets comes in a set of five. Do you see anything different? Yep, these are the ones where the magnets are lost because the glue that sticks both pieces together are very weak. For example, if I pry them open with my fingernails, I would fail. But one drop to the floor....

Nice or not? Eh? Eh?