What's your problem?

There I was, on the way to Jalan Loke Yew from Jalan Kuching when I stopped at the lights just in front of the fountain. As the lights flashed green, I knew it was time to stop since at the speed I was driving, there is no chance I can make the car move faster in time to beat the lights at the Orange to Red period.

So, I stopped.

And then, all of a sudden, there was a car horning me. I looked at the rear-view mirror to see a very pissed-off taxi driver. He was trying to get me attention and gesturing to me by holding his head sideways with his left hand while using his right index finger spinning about his ear.

You know, he could have save the trouble and changed to the other lane but no, he wants to make my life miserable. So, when the lights changed, I showed him I had my camera with me and started to take his picture. And all the while he was swerving away so that I can't take the shot.

I hate taxi drivers and the last time I had an encounter it was years ago which involved a spanner, a few ringgit lost, and an almost broken camera. But that is another tale.

This is the taxi, already he is swerving to the next lane

OK, I missed but this is the time where my often blur
shots came out quite nice.

Gotcha! He can't take his eyes off the road as the ramp
up is quite narrow

Smile for papa! You bastard!