Stuff from the last Millenium

So, we dug more stuff out while packing and these are the stuff I remembered. It really makes me feel (old and) nostalgic as they really remind me of my childhood days. Part of me wanted to go back in time and relive all these. But the other part prefers the present.

The 5 1/4 inch diskette which holds 720kB at that time. But I
did not realised we had the game Lemmings on the PC, as I
only had them on my Amiga

So, this is how my workspace looked like now

Hee hee hee. My Dad bought this for us when we're quite young
and I think its from somehwere overseas, maybe. You cycle it
around and there is a click-clack sound. The faster you go, the
cooler the sound. But that time, it was suited more for my
younger brother

This is a rattan seat, which is quite cool in the 70's. My Dad had it
hooked to the ceiling and you just put a pillow there and sit until
you fall asleep or feel bored. But all I can remember was that I
took at and turned it into a rocking boat instead. Ha ha ha ha

Insect mud-huts

I don't know which type of insect this is but its very common. However, when I was clearing some stuff, I came across this unusual version. Usually, you can see them in a single housing or most to most, in a pair.

And this fragile little piece is huge, at about 4-5 cm.