The more-than-10-year-old glue

Well, in order to start building the Humvee, I do need some glue and paints. So far, all I know is that 99% of my paints have all dried up and/or cracked, the glue have all gone funny and well, everything is gone. After looking at my budget, I realised that I do not have any more cash to buy tools of any sort.

But while going through my surviving model kits last month, I did remember seeing a bottle of glue somewhere. And yep, I found inside an AMT kit. A half-started Prince Xizor's ship, The Virago.

You can tell its a very old model and also, when
I stopped doing model kits.

Even the cutter has rusted and also its
handle coated with some fungus.

The Three Time Wrong Furikake

After dinner, since I had some time left, I decided to cook more of those Furikake for my oats. But this time, I decided to take some short cuts to save time. And boy, none of my theories worked.

Fast, fast chop

This time round, I decided to add more onions and
garlic since my theory would be to get them chopped
by an automatic chopper. Not sure where my Mom
got the garlic (on the left) but they are actually one
single bulb compared to a normal clove of garlic.

And so, here we go.

OK, found some walnuts and I
decided to add them in too.

Failed. The chopper actually made it more like
they were minced. And most of the onions did
not get chopped.

So I had to cut them and some of the garlic by
hand again. But at least, now I know how to
make some kind of paste. Maybe I will do
some reading on how to make a dip.

Thought I could save some cooking oil so I used
the soyabean oil from the tuna. Failed. The can
gave me oil and water which almost started a
fire on the stove. Why? I have no idea.

I added an egg, some usual flavouring that was
within arm's reach and voila! A slightly burnt
furikake. (The was because the minced garlic
and onions cooked faster than the hand chopped
ones). Failed. Because I had to separate the burnt
bits from the cooked bits.

Added some more sesame seeds and mixed in
the sushi leaves. But I am not adding the chili
powder this time.

Testing with the rice. Hmm... tasted good.
More or less...

The sambal petai & prawn Nasi Lemak

Since wife was still sick, I quickly drove Vee-Chai over
to one of my SIL's house to get some Nasi
Lemak that
another SIL made. I can tell you, with the
petai in there,
(and prawn, even though I cannot eat)
it was delicious!
I wonder if she dares to open a stall...

Trip to ICW 09042011

I had to return to Infinite Creation workshop today (Saturdays: 11Am to 6PM) since Bruce's stuff was not ready last night. And I also brought Kaelynn as well. When I asked both girls if they wanted to follow me, only Kaelynn said yes. Anyway, the place was quite busy when I arrived....

Raymond bidding farewell to members of
another Forum as today was their Group
Build. Since they only spoke Chinese, it
was hard for me to talk to them and so, I
stayed far far away... Tomorrow will be
another session for members from down
South and Singapore, Raymond said.

Compared to my last visit, ICW has more stocks now
and it they keep getting stuff often from their company
business trips, ICW will become a specialty shop, a far
difference from any local hobby Shops. So, do visit
ICW as often as you can. Its also a Workshop where
you can do your modeling in peace. When it comes
to airbrushing, you only have to bring your own
air spray as the compressors are provided for.

Some of the members (Zero-G perhaps?) with their
projects. Here, you can ask a lot of advice and they
will gladly help you through with any problems that
you may have.

I am not sure which Gundam ship this is but
it is beautifully rendered and with the metal
exhaust at the rear, it looked very real.

OK, lets examine some of the 'new' stuff there. New as
in since my last visit and yesterday's restock.

Metal 1/24 exhausts for cars

Photo-etched models. Yes, these are excellent
metal models which, when completed, will be
a marvel to look at. Because no one would ever
believe it is so detailed at such scale.

This is something completely different.

Now, lets have a look at the middle shelf.

Eggplanes which comes in a set.
Unfortunately, the cute girls are
not in the box. The manufacturer
did not make them.

Some 1/35 kits mostly from Tamiya and one 1/20
Ma.K SAFS kit. Yep. A Ma.K kit.

Something I have never seen before:
A Bubblegum Crisis Moto-Slave

At the rear of the shelf were some modeling books.
The new ones are from Tamiya, which is printed in

So, after collecting Bruce's things, I bought a tank
crew set and some texture paint.

Well, OK, so the price was irresistible. It was as if
I was back in the 1980's again. Heh.

There are some figures in there which will do nicely
for my project.

Not much accessories but then, I don't really
need them. All I need would be a file and some
really good sanding material.