Moonlight Weekend

Tonight would be the Mooncake Festival and with things as it is, there is a very high chance that we will all miss the Moon. This was the weekend where we will be spending the time with my Mother-in-Law and the rest of the in-Laws. So, being a festival, everyone helped make dinner. For us men, we would be "kicked" off to the lounge to see anything interesting on Astro.

As, what a beautiful sight! Krsitine learning
how to peel petai.

And Kaelynn tried to eat it raw

Finally, I got the girl in the bucket
shot. I got it when Krsitine was
small and now, I got it on

In the end, after the dinner, it was still raining and after half cups of red and white wine, I was drunk. Even diluting them with soft drinks did not help much and I had to lie down for quite a while. In the end, my wife had to drive us all the way home.