Today is the First Day of the Year and everyone is wearing new clothes. After the Tea Ceremony, Kristine was very quite active and made us all laugh with her antics.

Kristine is head over heels over her new clothes for the New Year

And she is even willing to share her Mandarin Oranges,
making everyone happy

But what happens when we're not looking?

Because she broke my glasses
(Luckily the UHU Glue is holding it together for a few days)

[Update: 01/02/2006]
The England Optics shop at 1-Utama made my replacement in under an hour
But I am RM548 poorer. Sob! Sob!

Weird Dreams VI

Yesterday, I was called in an Emergency request to settle an internal dispute between two professors in my former University. Since I had no jobs, I agreed. Once that was done, I could only offer the remaining Professor my remaining (ex-company)name card, trying to show that I succeeded as a Technical Manager, which I was chided because I did not have any left. I know, I know, the excuse was that this was an emergency case, I did not bring enough. Then, since I was next door, my next assignment was to help in a presentation for my Ex-Company.

Which I kow nothing about and was hoping to wing through the whole thing. Unfortunately, the lecture hall was packed, and it was dark, like in a cinema. This was to launch the new Notebook which I was only given a brochure for my preparation. Just then, the real speakers, one of them was my ex-partner, came in and the rest of the team shunned me like I was invisible. So, now I know my role there, as a back-up. As I packed to leave, I had problems looking for my car in the rain, until I found it wedged between some vans.

So, after knocking a car, I moved off and faced the difficult London traffic as I was lost. It was still raining and I was wondering what went wrong with my car as it was so uncomfortable. Until my wife at the back told me, my car was actually a kapchai (Small Honda motocycle), and to stop complaining. So there I was, riding in the dark and gloomy London rain, with my wife and two daughters (?!!!) at the back, looking for the road to the Heathrow Airport.

I asked for direction from a bloke who assumed I was from Indonesia which I hapily said so, until me guilt came and I shamefully admitted I was from Malaysia. Nevertheless, after much driving, I think ................... then I woke up, feeling sad and like a worthless unsuccessful bum.

Maybe its the New Year Mood, maybe its the heat, maybe it was the DVD marathon, or maybe its just me. But I find that dream very disturbing. Very disturbing indeed.