Driving and Shooting

So, I drove up to Taiping today and decided to practice my Drive-and-shoot, which is almost impossible when you're going very fast and the car was sensitive to the slightest change in the road's surface. Ha ha ha ha

I hate this. Every morning, there are always some Goddam drivers who think they're too important to queue up.
Sometimes, it can nearly cause an accident because the cars behing them will try to move away and gets hit from the cars coming from the right lane.

As I was driving at 115Kmh, the car suddenly became very noisy and there's a loud scraping sound.
Yeap, the fasteners came loose and it was scraping on the road.

My instant on-the-field quick fix. Ha ha ha ha

It was really a very hazy day

I love this marble mountain and due to the haze, it did not turn out nice

Now, this is a very different telephone connector

Stupid guy kept mopping all over the place just when a busload of people came in.
The fans made sure the toilet was breezy

I love this shot but unfortunately, people were all over the place

Slight jam as they're paving the road

Another very nice hill

This is where the Police sits and take pictures of you driving

I followed him for a few kilometres and he just loves putting his foot on the road, even at 100kmh

To Ipoh and back

We started the journey to Ipoh at about four in the afternoon and reached there by half-past six in the evening. Before that, we stopped halfway at the Tapah R&R to do our bit to the environment. There were a lot of people there and because of Tapah's R&R decoration, it is quite beautiful there.

One funny incident is that Kristine was frightened by all the barking from the kennels until she cried. Her cries were so loud that all the dogs stopped barking afterwards.

The Wedding Dinner went off without a hitch and mostly, it was a lot of Ballet Dances since my cousin works there. By the time we finished, it was ten forty-five. So, my Dad took over and drove us home in record time. We reached home slightly after half-past midnight. Yeah, that shows how "fast" I drove. Ha ha ha ha ha

Now its time to sleep for tomorrow I am going to Taiping.

Oooh! A summons counter where everyone was checking for their offences

This is the open air toilet where you can relax after doing what you wanted to do

And the Path of Pain

No comment

Bride & Groom ushered by cute little Ballerinas

Distracting us from our food

Living in the Bubble

The one on the left is really anorexic

We were all tired but she is energetic