Border break Heavy Guard Type II

This is something very new to me. When it comes to 'robot' or 'mecha' models, the only brand I can think of was Bandai, which is insanely World Famous for its Gundam kits. Not only that, ANYTHING that comes out from that company's doors means quality and fine details. If you have bought any of their model kits, you'd know what I mean. They are forever pushing the envelope of kit-assembly engineering. Open up any Gundam MG kit and you'd be amazed at the number of parts and the details in them. (Don't try this in a shop unless you are really serious about buying it)

But today, I am not talking about Bandai. Rather, I am going to talk about Kotobukiya. Briefly, this is a company that does a lot of figures and also model kits. I did not take much notice about Koto until they started the Border Break line, producing robots from Sega's Border Break game. In the game, you control a robot aka Blast runners from one of the four classes; Assault, Heavy Snipe & Support. So, by the time I saw these kits over here, they're literally going extinct since the model I was looking for, came out in 2010.

The reason why I bought this was because of a silly reason that it was in 1/35 scale. Actually, in my belief, where kit-bashing is concerned, you can take parts from any scale to combine into your perfect model in the scale that you planned. But sometimes, where scale is concerned, you cannot just take a 1/144 Helicopter and stick it into a 1/32 plane. It would look very odd to say the least. The reason why the Heavy Guard looked promising was the huge chest area which I am thinking of stuffing a 1/35 figure in there ala Patlabor. But its not easy because there would be some remodeling which could be beyond me since I do not have hte necessary tools except for a blade and some blunt files...

Not to mention, the time required, which again, is beyond my reach. So, into the collection it must go...

The Heavy Guard is the model I chose. Not because it
has the bulk which I wanted but by coincidence, it was
also the cheapest of the lot.

Once I opened the box, I was amazed at the number
of sprues
which gives Bandai a run for their money.
However, although
the details/lines for each part is
there, you can see the big
difference between the
two companies.

Kotobukiya even dedicated one whole sprue just for
the robot's hands. But if you're looking for those that
are poseable types, you'd have to look, and modify
from other 'third'
party companies.

Right now, this is the idea in my head. Sort of like
a Patlabor type where a figure would sit inside it.
I mean, this robot is in 1/35 scale, so naturally, it
would be ideal for 1/35 figures...