Let's go! Let's go!

OK, the Notebook's back, sort of. I sent it to my friend T, who promised to look at it and collect it the next day. However, in my rush, I forgot to call on him and so, my other friend, J, being his usual self, made things a bit hard for me.

Me: Hey, J, I've come for my Notebook
J: Yeah? Whom did you give it to?
Me: T, la. I gave it to him yesterday and he told me to collect it today.
J: Well, I don't know where he kept it.
Me: Do you know who repaired it, then?
J: No
Me: Can you look for it please?
J: No
Me: My wife needs to write questions tonight.
J: OK, give me a moment
Me: ......... (slap forehead)

Anyway, I got it from him minutes later.........
J: The Notebooks, OK. It can boot up and all, just a critical battery warning.
Me: Thanks. By the way, you have a spare power supply for it?
J: No
Me: Anyway I can get one?
J: No
Me: ..........

And so, I have to find one myself. No point digging it from him as its useless. I could go all the way to Low Yatt and pay about RM200.00 or less but since my September salary is still not in, this is not an option. Even if it is, I am not going to pay for it. In the meantime, I have ordered a custom power supply which would arrive on Wednesday. Until then, this is the only solution:

Not sure if my Boss was impressed or amused when
he found out I was using a scrapped PC PSU for the
Notebook. I had told him directly this is the only
solution until MY salary is out next week. Yes, even
if its being fed 3volts less, its running (barely) but
the speed is crawling. Still, its better than nothing.
Yes, my customer might laugh at me (and Horrors
or Horrors, might even give the impression that our
Company is going bankrupt or something)

Anyway, give me sometime to update the blog as I think there are a lot of belated posts.