PHILIPS HQ7290 Shaver

Just saw the sales advertisement of Best Denki on today's newspaper. This shaver came out years ago, and the design was inspired by the Williams Fi1 team. Yeah, and I sooooo wanted one. But looking at the pricetag, it was better to just dream about it. So, what's so special about this shaver apart from it having three sets of blades, rechargeable battery indicator, rinsed under a tap and so on? Nothing much except that the design looks cool. Its like part of some cybernetic limb or something la.

Me: Wife, wah, today got a lot of Sales ads on the paper.
Wife: U-huh, and everyone is broke, thats why
Me: Even Best Denki got sale too
Wife: [Ears prick up, start to be suspicious] So?
Me: The Philips RM499 shaver is now reduced to RM249 wor
Wife: You current shaver, its still working right?
Me: Er, Yeah.
Wife: [Slowly walks away, signalling end of conversation]
Me: sniff, sniff, sob, sob