No follow ups.

So, my Boss said, "I want this to be done in one day, OK?"
And my Boss said, "No follow ups. The manpower and transportation costs are too great."
Then, my Boss said, "One day, you hear?"

Yeah, the downturn is really affecting my Boss now.

And so, we drove, all in my itty bitty Bengmobile, to good old Seremban. I am not going to bore you with the, "Oh you guys are new. The last @#$& forgot to do this and that" story. We're here to install an automated-attendant/voicemail system for our vendor's client's customer. And without much instructions apart from a piece of paper, we're going in blind.

In other words, this is going to be a FOLLOW UP job. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

What I was not prepared was, the phone system there is a NEC and not a Panasonic as we were led to believe. Yes, we technical people are a gullible lot. I lost count the times we got fooled by the Sales people to do 'Heaven & Earth' stuff while cleaning up after them. Anyway, we came through and the job is almost finished except for.....

What do you mean you want
KL people to do the voice