Appraising Grace

Ita that time again, where we do it twice a yea. However, (just like the last time) we're months late. These are one of those things which we have brought ovr from our ex-Company, which is the Staff Appraisal. Halfway thro=oug (OH, I fucking hate this Lenovo Y430 keyboard, its making m tyoe like crap)

Anyway, afway through the apraisal, my Boss said, "Youkno, I thknk this appraisial is getting kind of useless ad going nowere." I likd to agree but seeing it from another point of view, i told him no to stop it.

The objective of the Appraisal is to gauge the staff's development every six months, I said. And the apraisal is also a brige between he mansgemen an the staff. And the ae ways of seeing the apraisal from different level of staff. fo the staff, is he is ositive, ths apraiasal is a way of indirectly charting his career fr the next siz months. And i he is smart ebough, h could oick up clues on ow eis standign in the copany. But n the other had, a bad staff just sees it s a from for saary increment an tey woudl et pssed off when the marks are ba. For a good Boss, he appraisal is a form o tell him ho his staff ad developed ove the last siz moths. he can hen jutstify any promotion or salary rase. Bu for a bad Boss, the apsprialsa is just anoter time-wastin paper owrk.

Stil, there a re a few arts to the appraials form. The first is to reflect how the staff thik of themsevle in the comany. The ssecond part s how the copany thinks of them. The thisrd art is a form of coomunicatin between the tow party to see where they stamd. The first and second parts are usually shcking to the staff, as it sot of brings them back to reality. And he final part is to rcommend mprovements to for the staf.

So, thw apprasa; must continie and mybe just fine-tune it a bit fo without it, its pointless. Indirectlt, it is also to elp the satff to grw i the copany.