Toy Gun

I had been eyeing this toy for quite some time. But I did not agree with the RM5.90 price. So, when I dropped by at Bangsar's Lucky Garden's magazine shop (there are two but this one was at the corner) I saw it again. After being told it was RM3.90, I bought it. The guy even asked me to buy some ammon but I declined since I had other ideas for this gun.

This is a very small gun. But I like its shape.

After looking at the barrel, I think I am going to
open it up when I have the time, that is

See? I told you its a small gun. Small enough to be
a Derringer. I think I shall turn it into a Sci-Fi
stun gun or something

The silver is painted on it and can be scraped off.
Then the strong spring to the top of the gun must
be weakened and the ammo magazine..... well, I'll
think of something else.

Redfox Car MP3 player

As my Boss wanted me to get a 5metre USB cable, I decided to drop by "All IT Hypermarket " at Section 13, PJ. And I also picked up a car MP3 player too. Maybe its the convenience of using thumbdrives compared to burning CD-Rs or maybe its the fact I can have MP3 in any car I drive. But whatever it is, I got one. Moving from shop to shop, the same product, the RedFox MP3 was priced between RM98 to RM119. So, I decided to wait until All IT opened and got it from there.

A car MP3 player like this is a boon. Not many people can afford to have MP3 players installed in all their cars. And even if you got the cheap ones, its still a small fortune. And not only that, you'd have to burn the MP3 CD and take it with you when you change cars. Lastly, if there was a few songs you have gown out of it, you cannot just delete file on the CD-R (or CR-RW) and make a new one. So, this clever little invention (USB MP3 player with a FM transmitter) solves a lot of problem for people like me. Everyone has a radio in the car and every car has a 12 volt outlet which means this unit is convenient to use.

I am not sure if I am happy or sad because although I got Mr. VISA to help out, the sound that came from it lacked treble and sounded like as if it came from a muffled speaker. Not only that, since its using FM frequency, any car which, by coincidence, happens to be on the same frequence, will be able to hear your MP3 being played. And woe betide you if you decided to plug in your handphone into as well. I mean, its possible to have a nice conversation but there are things best left in private. Oh, and if you accidentally knocked into it while its playing, the sound skips or you hear lots of static. And when you put it back on, it will start from the beginning of that song during the incident.

For RM98.00, all you get is the MP3 player which looks like a cut-off
gold club, an infra-red remote control and a stereo cable in case you
do not have a SD card or a thumbdrive but a PDA

It accepts SD cards and USB drives

This is the little hole where you plug one end of the cable
and the other end to another music source. Its not for a
headphone though.

Its not the cooking, ..... Ma'am

Last night, as I was about to leave the office for home, there was a bad burning smell near the Petrol Kiosk and I noticed there were a lot of Blue flashing lights (authorities, la) at the main Kepong street. And taking the shortcut to the highway, there was a Police cordon. I did not think much about it until this afternoon.

One of the restaurant was burnt down. And putting two and two together, I can bet you its not about a clumsy chef nor a difficult customer.

This is the remains of Restoran 101

There were some reporters and a lot of "important" people looking around

By now, a lot of people were clearing the debris by the truckload


Wanted to take this picture for quite sometime now but kept
forgetting. Its not easy to take it while the car is moving at
an inconsistent pace. This reminds me of a flattened Dilbert