Taking the train to Mid-Valley

Today, we wanted to go to two places, one is Mid-Valley and the other is a shop for my Wife to chose her working clothes. However, b y the time we got Kristine ready, it was almost lunchtime. To make matters worse, the roads leading to Mid-Valley was all jammed up and it was hard to get it. So, we took a detour and my Wife gets to choose her clothes. By the time we finished and returned to Mid-Valley, it was still jammed up.

So, we parked at Sentral and took a Kommuter there instead. Ha ha ha ha. It would be Kristine's first time on a train and I am not sure if she would scream or just keep quiet. Going there with the Kommuter solves the problem of parking and also the jam but you'd have to travel light which means you cannot buy heavy and bulky stuff.

We wanted to go there (Mid-Valley) because its near to Christmas and so, we're hoping to take the same photos of Kristine with one of those Angel Wings. Unfortunately, this year's theme was more on those "Hansel & Gretel" candy houses. Yucks

We had lunch at the Red Leaf, located at Lorong Loke Yew
When I passed by this place often, it was full of people. But
when we went in, the place was quite run down and with
carpets on some platforms its quite dirty as well. Not only
that, there were a lot of uncles and "experienced" men who
just swears on every sentence they made.

One of the unique dish was the Spicy Pork Noodle
When it came, the bowl was full to the brim with
the soup. Actually, its more like "Loh See Fun" but
with the spicy tomato soup added to it. I had to take
a few sips of the soup so that you can see the contents
Tasted more like Campbell's spicy alphabet soup.

When Kristine came into the store, she was happily
running about, touching the clothes, running to Mommy
hugging her legs and then to mine.

And sometimes, she would tug at Mommy's pants

And disturb the decorations

And even admire herself at every mirror she could
find there

The occasional children would distract her

And when she was bored........

Eventually, nothing broke and so we
rewarded her with an ice-cream. We
had to beg for a plastic bag so that the
ice cream would not mess up her clothes
Yeah, as usual, she wanted more.........

The intervals between each train was quite reasonable
except for the occasional 15 minute breakdowns

Everything looked so drab and boring and this was
three in the afternoon with bright sunlight, mind you

There were a lot of people jostling in and out and
this woke Kristine out

Seems like almost everyone had the same idea
as me to take the Kommuter

And the jam is still there.

This year's deco was so-so. Nothing to
scream about but there were a lot of
people taking photos and putting fingers
next to their faces.

No, Kristine, don't touch. We can't afford that

At Jusco, she took a liking to this
white Teddy and would not let go

Then she found a safe place to keep Teddy from

A place she and Teddy can be alone

But Kristine realised too late, there was only one door

And this place is not safe at all..........

Yes, Mommy is going to get a drink for you

What? You don't like plain ice cold mineral water?

Listen to me, water is good for you. Not those sugary
stuff like Sarsi, Pepsi, Kickapoo and so on.

Trust me, water is good for you. And you do not
have to worry about brushing your teeth much

Mommy is only gone for five minutes, dear.

It is not a long time

Just only 300 seconds

By the time we got ready to go home, the traffic
has cleared up

And Kristine is getting sleepy waiting for
the train

I guessed she was really tired

Unfortunately, by the time she got home, she
was full of energy and terrorised everyone

This is Comics Mart, which took almost a month to open. Formerly, it was Miniature Hobby (who has since moved to Section14, PJ). Half expecting to find a comic shop, I was a bit disappointed to find out that they cater mostly to miniature gaming with bits of graphic novels. But there are some bits of stuff which is quite reasonable, such as those imported (I think) Transformer toys and gashapons.

I just hoped they would bring some comics in

This really fooled me

Still, I got what I wanted

But its the wrong toy, I wanted an ED-209 la

Unremoting the Remote

This is my parent's way of making sure Kristine does
not lose anymore remotes again