Litt Tak Warehouse Sale (30112007-02122007)

When I was young, I was very excited whenever there was a warehouse sale. I would go along and watch everyone going in and out, inspecting the warehouse and sometimes, carrying away huge bags of stuff. But usually, the no one bought the warehouse because after a few days, it was still the same warehouse.

Hey. Wait a minute. Warehouse. Sale. Warehouse Sale.

Oop. Wrong intro.

Let's start again. One thing you must always remember is that when you go for a warehouse sale, you must expect a few things:

1) There are a lot of people
2) A lot of people means no space to move about
3) A lot of people means traffic jam
4) A lot of people also means high humidity
5) High humidity means touching sweaty people
6) And air-cons are just giant fans

Those are the main reasons why I never go for these warehouse sales, let alone those PC Fairs. Its just a case of too many people and not enough bullets. This was different because I wanted to go. But I have to keep in mind that whatever I wanted in the sale would never be there. And sometimes, whatever I did not want, would turn up. And if I am lucky, there would be some nice surprises. Anyway, this Warehouse Sale was by Litt Tak, which was renowned for their Gundam models, Power Rangers and also Tomy stuff. The Sale would be on from 30th of November to 2nd of December, 9AM to 6PM. Click here for more info.

By the time I arrived, there were a lot of people which I could count with my fingers (I couldn't use my toes because I was too lazy to take my socks off). The place is your typical warehouse and office but during the sale, they only allocate a certain area (most probably their showroom) for you and never the actual warehouse. Still, it was full of parents buying for their kids (and sometimes for themselves *ahem*) and the usual pock-faced, oily haired, anal Gundam fans. The poor staff had to open the door countless times to prove the only Gundam models for sale are already on the shelves and there was nothing more. But what caught my eye was the loads of Kamen Rider SmartBRAIN toys stacked on the staircase.

I had to get the Kamen Rider toys because when they came out on the shelves years ago, it was too expensive. So now with the Warehouse sale, I can have my revenge. But the real reason is that I can maybe turn them into other designs (when I have the time, that is) as they were a few ideas in my head when I first saw them. I could not get the Kaizer Phone though, since it was not there.

Left to Right
1. Kamen Rider Kaiza Pointer [RM20.00]
2. Kamen Rider Faiz Watch [RM15.00]
3. XYlophone for Kristine [RM11.00]
4. Himem Brain Powered Model Kit [RM25.00]
5. Winnie the Pooh toy for Kaelynn [RM8.00]

The girls with their own toys.

And less than half an hour later, Kristine broke hers

The scary things my techs do

Sometimes, when there is a specific instruction for my Techs to complete it, they will complete it. But how they do it, is up to them as long as no one gets killed/hurt/slapped/electrocuted/kissed, etc. And just today, my Boss wanted them to complete the CCTV cabling for the remaining points. The problem started last week because the ceiling contractor has plastered all the roof and this mean other contractors could not finish their jobs. So, we had to wait for them to open up the ceiling (for air-cons and lighting) before we could continue. And as usual, when I leave my techs to their own devices.......

OK, this is the same view but with Sunshine

This is dangerous but he still does it

I wanted to be up there too but I am scared of heights
Yeah, I am a coward

I know he is doing this just to give me a Heart Attack