The Action Base II

OK, let's do a quick one since I have about 30 minutes to myself. The Keiko Action Base is actually a very easy model and I am pleased to announce that after all these years, this is the first time I have every completed a model kit. (cue: Clapping sounds)

And not only that, you can get it all done just by glancing at the instructions. You cannot even make any mistakes here. (But if you're drunk or of not in sane frame of mind....).

In just a few steps, the base is already taking shape.
At this stage, you can already stop because its now
looking like a basic launching platform.

Maybe because its a new kit that I have never seen
before, I was sort of addicted to keep going. And so,
with the 'floor' in place, the model now looks quite
believable, except for the four stands...

So, you keep on adding more parts and more
parts until, before you know it, its done.

And so, in less than an hour, it is completed. It took
more than 30 minutes because I was having fun. In
reality, it was closer to two hours... oops.

One good thing I like about this base is that not
only can you slide it for different angles, you can
also lengthen the the 'stalk' (I don't know what
else to call it) for more extreme angles up to 90ยบ.

Irritating or not, this lock always comes down
and so, you have to remember this or else you
can snap the part easily.

Lengthening the 'stalk'. One good thing is
that all parts were designed to look as if
they're functional.

Here is the can of 100 Plus for seize
comparison. It is huge. And because
its a snap-fit kit, you might want to
glue it permanently as some parts
tend to fall off as its very addicting
to play with it. But don't glue the
moving parts, ya?

This is the idea why I got the Base...

From this angle, it just looked so nice and real.