Ooohhh................ yes

Oh, yes... yes....yes!

Its coming.......... its coming....its-oh
Oh yes! Oh Yes! Oh Yes! More........... ooooooooo mmmmmmmmm

Yeah! Oh yes! Oh Yes! Oh YEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS! More! I want more!

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!


And wondrous cool air flooded into the car.
Two hours of waiting and sweating while my Wife's Car's Air-con was being fixed. The bill came to RM165 which is, RM85 for the air-con hose (which resembled more like a heavy-duty garden hose used for whacking rats), RM50 for the "Original" air-con gas and remaining RM35 for service. MAybe I should not mention the word service as I have never seen a guy using a toothbrush to clean the air-con radiator. Ha ha ha. But seriously, this shop is great and there were a lot of customers. They actually did a very good job and would always show the customer the fault before getting approval to either replace or not at all.

After swearing for two hours, my AutoWorld T-Shirt has those funny white stains, which I surmised would be the dried salt from my sweat which has evaporated.......