Testing The OVI Maps

OK, I lied. This post is not much about testing the free OVI Maps but more on my escapade. This morning, my Wife and girls were invited to a nice buffet meal at the Shangs. I was to drop them off at Second SIL and after that, I... I... Hey, I'm free! Yes! Free! Wahoo!

And so, I used the Nokia OVI Maps to guide me to once special place which I planned to go to since last year. And so, from here, I found the first problem:

Voice guidance.
You have to stop the navigator to get to the main screen and then to the settings screen to change the voice. Boo hoo for you if you have not saved the location. The Malay voice, which is actually Indonesian, is very nice. I loved it when they pronounce the 'r'. As for the Mandarin (China) voice, the lady is very long winded and talkative. While these are the default voices for Asia region, the best of the lot was the British Male. But I regretted not downloading the English Surfer Dude voice earlier or the journey would be very funny indeed.

In this area, this is the disadvantage when being compared to the Garmin XT where you can just go to the main screen and into the settings screen while the route is still active.

Anyway, the route guidance by OVI Maps is quite accurate and personally, that route was the shortest of all. I wanted to use this route (via Brickfields) because I am so used to just swing through the familiar Federal Highway.

OK, so that's it. GPS story is over. Ha ha. I've been itching to visit some of these modelling shops not because I want to waste money but I just feel that I need to go there. Months of just going grocery shopping is boring and sometimes, these normal routines can make me go nuts.

And so, into Jalan Kenanga we go, to this
special place hidden in the urban jungle.

Yes, Miniature Hobby which have relocated
from Section 14 PJ (just before the collapse)
last year. But I was too early and it would
not open until 12 in the afternoon.

Yeah, this guy was devastated as I suspect he
waited since last night. He even have some
spare cash by his side to buy stuff.

As for me, I decided go to the nearest 7-11 for
some drinks. Initially, I wanted to get some
lunch but I decided to wait until after I have
gone into Miniature Hobby.

A very appropriate advice.

Oh, on the way back, I finally
realised why they cannot
procreate and expand except
through normal/natural means

Inside Miniature Hobby. Same stuff, same shelves.
Nothing's changed except that they carry more
on Trumpeteer and Hobby Boss stuff which is more
expensive than Academy. Luckily, there are 40%
discount on certain brands until further notice.
However, the Rm1000 1.350 Tamiya CVN-65
Enterprise Aircraft Carrier is still priced as RM650
after discount. But this time, I really bought
something apart from meeting a SFTPMS member

He did mention to me about the SFTPMS Luncheon
today but I told him I am not a member, just a Forum
member only. Anyway, for RM50.80, I got one 1/35
Strker upgrade parts and a 1/35 Ma.K power suit made
of some Gashapon vinyl rubber.

And this is my RM6.20 lunch which comes with a
bottle of Kickapoo. I was actually looking for some
bergedel and spicy stuff but this chicken merah
and funny dhal was a good compromise.

I say funny dhal because its watery. Did not notice
this until I spilled some on the table.

Here is a close up look of the metal-etch parts
for the Stryker. There are actually five plates
of photo-etch and some very fine tubes and
rods. Since I do not have a 1/35 Stryker, nor
would I want to, this translates as spare parts
for any scratch building projects.

This is the 1/35 Ma.K powered suit.
As you can see, the glue is not very
good because after I touched it, the
shoulder pads have come off. And
the helmet lid cannot be closed.

Is it just me or is the suit powered
by a kap-chai motor at the back?

What I liked about this figure is the
head stuck into the suit.

I think it is a 1/35 model because a normal
1/35 figure would be about 5cm tall. So, in
this picture, this would just be about correct.