Anything also I eat, wun...

Its still very hard for me to just stick to Chinese food just because I am Chinese. Some people I met, generally do this and to just eat outside of their own circle is unheard of. But due to my past working experience, I tend to eat where I happen to be during lunch hour. And because my colleagues are not Chinese, we have to cater to what their religions tell them. Which is not really annoying for me because I get to try out a lot of things they like to eat but I steer clear from tongues, lungs and raw veggie. Either that or I make do with bread, water and crisps during those frequent long distance driving when I am alone. Being in the Customer Service oriented industry means any time I saved gives me more time to service the customer. Sad, but that is how it is. But honestly, sometimes its baffling why the customer always wanted me and is willing to pay a little bit more too.

Coming back to food, I would not claim that I can eat anything with under the Sun, legs or no legs. I just eat to fill my stomach and not like those pansy posers who would drive hundreds of kilometers for some shit chicken dish or whatever they think deserves their gastronomic attention. I tried that a few times with them and personally, the shops across the office serves much better food. Furthermore, I do not have to jostle about in the heat during the day in the queue or in the freezing cold at dead of night. And lastly, I do not know where is the best place for this or that. I mean, come on. Food is food. Either its cooked or gone bad.

Because if it moves, I am dem hell going to shoot it with a shotgun or use the nearest blunt object to smash it to pieces, table and crockery be damned.

And so, when it comes to food, I am really not
that choosy. Chinese, Indian, Malay, English.
etc. Its OK as long as it does not move after
being cooked and also, does not deviate from
the usual chicken/beef/pork/fish variety, I'm OK.