CSI:Miami 10-7

Ever since I watched the Original CSI series, I was hooked. But then, in one episode (Cross Jurisdictions) where there was a murder in Miami, one particular character stood up. Horatio Caine.

From then on, I was hooked to this guy. I did not know it but he has his own CSI series too, namely CSI:Miami. Anyway, last night on Astro, they were showing the episode "10-7". There were some touching scenes, namely when he told his nephew Ray Jr. "I want you to turn around, walk (or was it run?) away and don't look back" to run to the direction of his Hummer. He boy did as he was told and not look back. Because if he did, he would have seen his "dead" father died for real .

Then, towards the ending, he agreed with Yelina that both of them should take some vacation from all this. But when both of them walked to the plane, he stopped instead. Yelina looked back and wondered why and only when her son, shouted out that his father (her husband) is still alive did she realised that both their relationship should remain as it is, etc.

Horatio is a caring person, (especially where kids and innocent are concerned.). Sometimes, he really does go out of his way to make sure they're safe or taken care of.

This reminded me when I was a teenager, always caring about other people , making sure they're all OK before even though I suffered for their sakes and all that shit. Yeah, I was like that. A good boy.

Thas was until I went Overseas and that changed my whole perception. I came back as a monster and also a recluse. Maybe I should go back to whom I was and make everyone happy again. But this is not the case anymore. There is no turning back and I have to accept things as they are. Still, when I am in control (and not the monster), I will try to make it bearable for everyone.

But whatever it is, I am not going to put my hands on my hips/belt and start taking off my glasses ans speak sideways.

Whats in the toolbox today

All of a sudden, this morning I had a lot of time to myself.
So, why not stuff some bombs into it and something else
to screw other people?