Blueyebabe's Housewarming

Yeah, its a busy Saturday for us. Right after their School's Carnival, there was only time to rest before going to their swimming classes. And try as I might, I could not get the chance to go to Pasar Road since I calculated that by the time I go through the lunchtime jam and the one oclock crowd, I would only have less than an hour to do my stuff.

Anyway, today is also a special day for Blueyebabe as she is having her housewarming this evening. Its a nice place in -------- and quite a good location too. My friend who stayed nearby, got his for about RM------- about 10 years ago. And at that time, it was considered cheap even though there were only two exits. Anyway, there were a lot of people there, and I mean a lot of INTERESTING people, which I get to meet and also discuss but unfortunately, we did not have time to mingle since we need to go home so that the girls can sleep early from all the day's activities.

Oh, sorry. The Kenny Rogers were so delicious, I
forgot to take the pictures. No, not the chickens
but the Coleslaw. And oh, this is blueyebabe's
muffin which she handpicked and gave to me.

We ate first, then it was her friend's turn and
so on since the area was quite small. Sadly, no
one opened the already opened 5 year old
Amarula I gave to her. Its fruity and creamy
but since no one else in the house can drink
alcohol, well, I had to give it so someone else...
Oh, did you see Erika there? No?

But what I was happy as that Brandon, the girls's
cousin, opened up after I showed him my Nokia
5800. Minutes later, he wanted to see more of the
videos and so, he poked me in the leg and shyly
looked at me. So, after much questioning, he said
yes, he wanted to play with the Nokia 5800 and
so, I let him. Half an hour later, he was with the
girls who showed him how to play the games and
he actually starts to talk, not only to them but to
me as well. Wow. This was because all the time,
he was quiet and shy. Thanks, Nokia. (Ha. Ha.)

Pre-School Carnival 2010

OK, this is my second Saturday which I did not get to go to Pasar Road. But I did get to go to somewhere better. Its Kristine's and Kaelynn's School Carnival. The carnival as held in aid of Tasputra Perkim. However, we were required to be there by 0900 as Kristine was chosen to be one of the students to greet the VIPs in her traditional costume. As Wife has school activities, my Parents and I took them to the carnival instead.

And so, on a bright Saturday morning.....

A small girl was the 'star' of the day.

Unfortunately, they won't let me take this home

I let Kristine settle down at her school's stall.
She is happy to be there and sometimes, she
is working hard to make friends but always
getting lukewarm response from her mates

This the school's gym/hall/thingy where other
stalls are based. The red cloth covers the books
which were for sale, but cash only.

Oh-oh. dangerous area!

Stall selling modeling clay/dough, not those
Play-doh, though.

Whoever the artist was, they're very talented

And imaginative too. Take a look at
M. Bean here. OK, OK, looked more
like a saggy old man.

Relaxology team preparing themselves for the day.

Outside, there was this stall which caught my attention.
OK, it was selling toys. But to tell you the truth, those
toys are not your everyday normal ones. Those are the
ones you see and/or secretly covert for when you're in
school. If you read Beano/Topper/etc, you'll know these
toys by heart.

Except this one. This is original
to me. You just move the ball
and watch the chicken move.

This stink bomb. In my days, those were
stored in tiny glass bottles/vials. You just
throw it and when it breaks, woooooo.....

Whoopee cushions

I don't know the name of this but you squeeze
the pump in one end and the horse kicks its
hind legs to move forward. I think there was a
frog version too. But I can't remember.

Usually girls play these and use them to make
small balloons. I use them to block the entrance
of insect nests.

Pop-pops. Need I say more?

Nun-chaks. Nun-chaks? they sell Nun-chaks
in school now? Wow.

I wanted to have a closer look at this stall selling
watercolours but later on, I forgot. They were
beautiful. And there were some black & white
photos too.

Scenes at the food stalls.

I wanted to buy the RM20.00 biscuits
but promised myself not to go beyond
the two RM25.00 vouchers.

Ah, the lekor, my favourite. Promised
myself not to miss this but after the
events unfolded, I forgot about it.

A lot of weird drinks on sale here including
bubble tea or something.

Later on, this stall was the busiest because of the
popiah and some dumplings

Yeah, I needed to kill some time wat........

Anyway, after a frantic search for Kristine, I
found her at the gates. All the children were
getting ready for the VIP's arrival.

Aww........ they're all so cute.

That is, before they started the flag fight.

Anyway, the teacher lined them up and all of a sudden,
parents and photogs were sanpping away like crazy.

Finally, it was time for them to greet the VIP

The teacher also asked for Kaelynn and so I
brought her over as well.

This time, they're right on time and so, the Ceremony
is very short because the hot Sun is already up and it
would be unbearable for everyone.

I had to wipe the sweat off their foreheads twice. Grandma
and Grandad gave them some water to drink before.....

Going back to the stalls for some food. By coincidence,
our table were next to the VIPs. But not many people
know/bothered about that. Maybe its because the
young DJ's did not announce their arrival.

Kaelynn eating her food but did not touch her
favourite corn. After tasting, I know why. Its
because they did not put more butter/salt but
this version is healthier.

After testing the three currypufts in front of
her, she gave it to me instead. Its nice and
very spicy. But again, temperature-wise, its
too hot since I bought them right off the wok.

Then its off to the games to finish off whatever
vouchers we had left. This is Kristine's stall but
they're too young to play this game. And I'm too
old to play it either. I think I only played it when
I was about eight or so.....

RM2 for two throws since the vouchers were in
denominations of RM5.00 and RM2.00. Yeah,
she missed them completely. One went to the
rack and the other bounced off the floor first.

But this is the game where the girls were excited.
Its a very simple game where you net the ducks
in the water while the floating balls are trying
to hamper your efforts. And you have to get
the right duck too. Quack! Quack!

At first try, Kristine got one token then, we went
to other stalls to see if they can break the last
2 RM5.00 voucher for Kaelynn to play.........

With no such luck, I let them have a go at coin tossing
to finish the Rm5.00 voucher. Actually, the coin is a
two inch flat donut. OK, so they got a token each...

Then its back to the duck game. Earlier on,
while were were looking, some nut thinks
there is a line at the side of the stall and
told me off. So, when they asked who's next,
I just say, "This nutjob here thinks there's
a line. So he's first." When I left, he was pissed
and had to keep quiet because he was very
embarassed when he realised there is no such
line at the side of the stalls. Some parents.....

And you know what? Kaelynn got three tokens
from there. Which makes: Kristine-2, Kaelynn-4

But I split the tokens without telling them as
they're very competitive nowadays. With 3
tokens each, I let them make the decision on
what items to get. I was surprised because
after Kaelynn got hers, Kristine chose this
thick foam sticker which costs three tokens

Surprised because she usually chose quantity over
quality. So, not only did they both chose stickers
but here, Kaelynn chose three normal shiny ones
for only a token each. Weird.

Still, Kristine was not happy because we refused to get her a notebook. I had to tell her that she cannot just get what she wants and when she wants it. But I did get them some books for them to practise their maths and writing on. Costs me about RM39.00 which I gladly paid. But hours after we came home, they disappeared......