Little Fairies

Playtime for the girls. Its a great idea for them to run riot outside the house before dinner and well, homework. Tends to let go of the stress developed and also, afternoon sleepiness.

We have successfully minimised their Computer and TV access so, there is no excuse not to run like a screaming headless chicken all over the place...

Unfortunately, NERF guns are out.

Just for today, they're Fairies, not Angels, mind you.

The NERF 35-Drum Mag

I now have ANOTHER Nerf 35-drum Mag. Why, I am not sure but I just like the design. From different angles, it just looks like any Sci-Fi plasma container, a rotating thingy with lights and so on. 

But to store NERF darts? No way, Hose. It's bulky. I mean, its a great idea as far as carrying loads of ammo is concerned but its very bulky. One lad complained that they have problems when it comes to shooting from a barrier. But he won't sell me his, though. Still, on a Raider, it was the nest solution as you need to fire away lots of ammo within the shortest time (a method called slam-firing, which is only possible with this model and now, also the Elite Rampage and Pyragons)

This is how the drum looks when inserted correctly in your NERF blaster. It should be facing you so you can tell how much darts are left in the drum.

This is how the drum looks when your target sees it. They cannot see the amount of dart left and it should be that way.

Tried it on the Longshot. Bulky.

Tried it on the Longstrike. Bulky

Tried it on the Recon. OMG bulky.

Tried it on the Barricase. Oops... Barrricade's not ready yet.

Vege treasure in Puchong

I cannot resist petai. Eventhough my Wife has warned me that its not good for the Gout. But... but... when I see it, I just wanted some.

Just a little bit. Yeah, there goes my diet too.

And so, it was at this corner lot, at the second traffic light AFTER you turn in from the main road and before the IOI Business Centre. I forgot the name but its banners were plastered all over the place.

Dad wanted to try this new shop just across the workshop in Puchong. It turned out to be a Vegetarian foodstall. And so, later, I went out to buy some friend chickens for Dad to 'balance' his Lunch.
You can go to and type in the following coordinate:
and hopefully, it will give the same result as above.

Kaelynn's Friend

While waiting for Kristine's school to be over, Kaelynn spotted her classmate. And so, being the alert and smart girl, she told me about her and then, asked my permission if she could go over and speak to her. I said, 'OK' and also gave her two Ringgit for her to buy some ice-creams for herself and her friend. Then she came back and asked if she could bring her friend over to the ice-cream man as her friend could not decide on the flavours.

I said OK, since the school is not over yet and there were no traffic.

Kaelynn helped hr firend to choose the flavours

Being the ever careful Host, Kaelynn also made sure her friend did not soil her uniform with the melting ice-cream.

Once they have both finished their ice-creams, Kaelynn also helped disposed her friend's empty ice-cream stick. Note that this is not a camera trick but Kaelynn is very much bigger than her friend.
One thing is, I am very sure Kaelynn was very very happy because she could take her friendship up by a few levels. She is getting a bit popular in her class now.