The Wrist Torch

So, I searched and looked for that Episode: Star Trek Voyager Season 7: The Haunting of Deck 12. And here it is.

And since I am a dum-dum in screen captures, I used my FujiFilm Finepix S5500 to take those shots at my Notebook's screen instead. Ha ha ha ha.

Its a double tube, as seen from Tuvox's hand

And its quite short too, as seen from Neelix's hand

Here's another shot

I thought it was a simple construction, like what Dr. EMH did
Until Janeway barged in at Engineering
There is a third tube

And its located, I think, between the two tubes, mostly
for the prop's power supply: batteries

And they use a double strap. I am not sure if its
velcro or those clip-ons

Here is a closer look

See how the three tubes are arranged?

Then she rushed out before I can do anymore screenshots

And this is the shot I took from Star Trek:Nemesis
I know they like to swing out the rifle case for aesthetic purposes
but in reality, I think it just takes up too much space.
Still, I like this arrangement because if all the rifles are
taken, the guy will have to give you a Type II Phaser
Ha ha ha ha