Christmas is this Sunday, so...

You know what, I just realised that Christmas is this Sunday and today is Friday. This means, today is the 'last' day for doing pre-Chrsitsmassy stuff. Well, there is nothing to look forward to since I have my own problems in the office. So, the moment my colleague asked me to help with an errand, I quickly took it just to forget about things...

Whoa... nice setup

This little guy is made up of empty mineral water bottles and CDs. Not sure where it got its 'nose' from, but perhaps, from a fabric conditioner? I mean, who in the office uses fabric conditioners? Was there a washing machine there?

Still, this is a very nice decoration and tome, very imaginative.

After the errand, I made it just in time for the Office's gift-exchange. But because I had some discussion with my Senior, I missed it. Still, I got this for me DVD video which I bought and gift-wrapped for a total of less than RM20.00

Kaelynn helped me open it. Its a coffee cup of some kind, with a rubber cover.
Seriously, I am not in the mood for anything and missing out on things not in my control is not something I would like very much. Then again,

Aaaah, I don't even know what I am trying to say. Sorry, I am just feeling very down from work.