The package from UK

I had a nice suprise today. The module I ordered more than a week
ago had arrived. And the malay word "dilepaskan" was such a nice
word. Luckily, those guys wrote "Hardware board" on the Customs
Declaration form which I go not have to pay tax for.

And here it is! The BLUETOOTH module
Now, all I have to do is to wait for the main
module (from another supplier) before I can
start my projects again

Carrefour's Own brand

Finally, I got the chance to have a glimpse of Kepong's Carrefour (Ok, I had to take a walk as I kept falling asleep in the office). There were not much tenants at the moment as most of them are still renovating. And somehow, I felt that this Carrefour is a bit small and cramped.

It looked delicious from the shelf

Its not easy to know what flavour it is until you search all over
the pack