Kristine's First Pizza

When I came back, we had to order out since everyone was too busy to cook dinner. So, we chose Domino's. And boy, the stuff we got was much better than Pizza Hut (except for Hawaian Supreme something, which is still the best for Pizza Hut, that is) and my wife had fun ordering each one with different base from thin crust (yum!) to double-cheese to hand-made. All three for RM55.00

Kristine still likes the hammock even though she is
getting too big for it

And bringing Weenie into it is just too crowded
When she went in, Weenie popped out and vice

Oh, this is how Kristine gets out of the hammock
Gave me a fright as she could have slipped and
knocked her head on the metal tubes below

While we're waiting for the pizza to arrive, I
discovered how Kristine helped made my music
collection truly priceless

This is how Kristine eats her pizza for the first time

And she now knows how to hold a fork in the right way
Look at the pose! I think we should enter her in a
commercial shoot.

This is the shot before she spoils all her pizza
and I have to "clean up" after her by eating
them all. Ha ha ha ha ha

And after second helpings, she wants more
And when she wants more, she really wants

And she still wants more

Not contend, she now wants Granpa's share

And this is not the way to eat Pizza

And all the time, Kaelynn slept with her nose
on the matress again (after crawling so much)

After all that food, its time to go for a
nice ride with Winnie


Thanks to Timothy, the voice-chips from Digi-Key has arrived. So, now I can continue with the Phaser Rifle project. But after some thoughts, I think I really have to change my designs again. the reason is because the PIC microprocessor I am using does not have enough I/O pins. The following are the pin count:

10 for the LED bar
2 for the phaser power settings
1 for the trigger
4 to control the voice-chip

Which totals up to 17 and the current PIC microprocessor has only 16 pins. I have already tried using the same I/O pin to control both the LED (out) and also detect the changes on the switch (in) but to no avail. All it did was to make the LEDs flicker.

Maybe I have to take a step back and rethink again on how to overcome this. Because if I use other PIC chips, it could be expensive. Or I might not even use the Voicechip but maybe another voice chip but this means the rifle can only have one sound, which is the phaser fire and none for the power button settings. Oh well...........
Hooray! The voice-ship has arrived!
It costs me a lot of moolah, though