Cooking dinner

Time for dinner. Because Mommy was busy with Kristine, I was told to deep fry some tofu and make an omellete. Easy peasy. or so I thought.

The deep frying went a bit too far and
it all turned out golden burnt brown

I failed at using the pan to flip over the omelet
and so, it became scrambled egg instead.

Kin Kin Pan Mee

"How would you like to eat some dried pan mee with chili?" he asked and without missing a beat, I agreed. And so, off we went, to Kin Kin Restaurant. Truth to be told, I came to this place before, in 2002 or so when as a Consultant, my colleague brought me there. All the while I thought it was at Lorong Haji Taib but I was wrong.

And so, here we are, after eight years

This is a bowl of their famous Chili Pan Mee, which
comes with a bowl of soup. The noodles comes with
one soft boiled egg, lots of deep fried anchovies and
something else at the base I forgot to look.

And this is their famous chili. When I first came,
the chili would be in every table. Now, you have
to order the pan mee and the waiters would then
give it to you. Truth to be told, the oily, crunchy
prawn chili I buy from Giant tasted better than
this. But in 2002, this was the best and I actually
took more than half the container. Unfortunately,
on the next morning........

Anyway, i decided to go slow on the chili this time and
after a few scoops of the pan mee into our mouths, we
were already sweating. Damn, the chili still has some
kick left.

And then the bowl of soup. Well, it was nice but
all the while, I kept thinking about the bubbles
or froth in there.

I wanted to leave since there were
somethings happening but because
it was raining outside, both of us
took another bowl each.

So, what do I like about Kin Kin?
Or to be more precise, what did I not like about Kin Kin. There is a lot.

1) The Boss (or was it his son?) keep scolding his staff, even in front of the customers. And the type of scolding is not a typical one. More like degrading type and the it could very well degenerated into a more physical state.

2) The 'posters'
They're made by using felt tip markers on the tiled walls. Its not so much about it being cheap but the language used. Its the kind of language you hear when talking to old experienced men. It would start of by being condescending, or a bit huffy, then goes about boasting before they stepped back and tried to pull a half-hearted failed apology.

This one tells you about their chili which
you must not sneak out blah blah blah.
Action will be taken, blah blah blah. You
should read the one about them being a
pioneer in chili pan mee.

Total experience?
To sum it all up, the picture below exactly shows how it feels. Not only that, after we have paid, and left the table for the toilet, the old lady in a very loud voice, pointed at us saying we have not paid, which we had, moments ago. Had my friend not been there with me, I would have let out a few choice words, Lady or no Lady. Then there is the weird queuing system. Customers who arrived later than us, got their noodles first. Maybe their called in earlier but then, some customers who arrived even later, did not get theirs too. Weird.

Will I go there again? I don' think so. Nor would I want to point out where the place it. In the past, it would have been a great place but now, it feels as if some old man wants you to come to their place, play by his rules and often reminded you're something else. I mean, come on, this is not the Coliseum Cafe.

Meeting up

Its been a long time since I met up with a friend of mine. To be more accurate, it was thanks to him that I got the job working for my previous company. After a chat, it was revealed that he was the original partner instead of the fat slouch who was eventually kicked out. And to be frank, if he was in there, the company would have worked out even more. But then again, his family comes first.

I was happy I got to meet up with him as it was a great day too, catching up with the past and then letting it go again.

By the way, this PappaRich mixture
with Longan is quite nice. Its very
thick too. If you did not stir it, you
would think there is no sugar, which
I found out too late when I drank it
and ate the sugary longan. What a high

Judge Dredd: Book of Law

The forum did discuss about the making of the 'Book of Law' prop replica from the movie Judge Dredd. And so, with only two screen shot pictures to look at, I can only surmise the book format is as follows:
1. It has 192 pages, with no gilt edges, 80gsm white paper & square corners
2. It has about 2cm printed ribbon, head and tail too.
3. Cover is mostly bonded leather, unpadded, with gold corners on front and back
4. It measures about 89mm x 165mm and comes with and gold foil stamping.

This was the shot that was taken

And this was the second shot

Anyway, this was the closest I could find from the

Bear in mind, this book is not easy to make

And no, I am not going to do a run mainly because:

1) The covers are different. Here, the machine would nick the edges and I am not sure if they can make one without the nicking. Chances are, it is possible.

2) The gold corners have additional nicks and again, I am not sure if the machine has the actual crimps for that pattern. Chances are, they do not.

3) SOMEONE has to come up with all the contents. Yep. To make it more accurate, someone would have to scour all the comics from Prog 001 to current Prog 16xx, the movies and so on. This would be time consuming and not only that, it could be one day, 'canon' material for every writer or artists or script bots to follow and would have to be approved/endorsed by 2000Ad's creators (and Tharg?) and copyright ppl, etc. Yeap, imagine the pressure.

4) Production is not going to believe me about making a Law Book for less than 100 units. And not only that, the cost alone if going to kill this project before it even began. So, someone else have to do this.....

No, not me.