Just managed to catch the program called DOOP on NTV7. This is a reality show hosted by the Harun Sharudin Sufian or Rudy, popularly know as the irritating DJ from DOOP! is a show similar to Gotcha! where they pull pranks or put unsuspecting friends or celebrities in a funny situation.

Tonight, it was Douglas Lim's (Steven the Hairdresser from Kopitiam) turn where he sents his car for servicing (Looks like Shell in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail). Then they called Douglas up to inform him that his car is ready and his girlfriend has already picked it up and is waiting for him. You can imagine the chaos that ensues.

Yeah, right. The prank did not happen.

First of all, the show sucks. It did not have proper planning nor originality (then again, we Malaysians are famous for the "cut & paste" culture). And non of the supporting actors or extras have been properly briefed about the prank. And most irritating of all, is Rudy's Goddam fake accent. Its worse than a drunken British snob on heat.

I hate to say this (and I could get flamed) but morons like Rudy always reinforces my extreme bias towards people of the Entertaiment Industry that their stupid wonderful ideas are the best, and everyone would kneel down and parise them.

They just assumed that this hit program would be a hit. How stupid they were. People like Rudy are just a waste of breathing space.

And to be fair to NTV7, I would like to enjoy more of their programs (even if I tried to force myself) but somehow, its going down like Metrovision. So, until then, 8TV rocks, even if Gary the IT guy does not make much appearances anymore.

Working in Hong Kong

... after the interview, I was a bit hungry. And it was already quite late at night. If I was in Malaysia, there would be no other choice but to eat at the Mamaks. Still, this is new Hong Kong, a city which never sleeps.

The interview was held at one of Hong Kong's Prominent Shopping Centres cum Apartment cum Hotel cum Business suites, like something out of Sim City. And their lift/transport system is very unique. The place is similar to two towers place faw apart, sitting on a very long base, which is the shopping complex. And they also come out to the car park and back in, like a small LRT system. Similar to the place I dreamt about when I was in Malaysia. I cannot remember much about the interview but it was quite an urgent one from them. Just last night, they paid for my airfare and I was still in my T-shirts and jeans. However, since the new Economy (something happened to China), Hong Kong has been hiring a lot of overseas skills, mainly from Malaysia. And tonight, I get to stay in an apartment (At 14th floor) of what could be my new apartment if I do take the job.

However, there is a thought. i am now married and already have a baby. If I do take the job, it would mean that I would be away from home, maybe with a few days off in a year. Furthermore, they have not disclosed my actual salary and being new to Hong Kong, I am not sure if its enough since I am not familiar with thier lifestyle. Also, this would mean I would have to stop working with my friends where I am quite comfortable now.

Its already near midnight and the shops are closing. As everyone depends on the lifts (I hate to ask if a fire brokeout) there was already a very long queue. The lifts are quite slow, with one car coming every three to five minutes. So, this being a Japanese shopping complex, their staff are trained to lead the customers in groups of twenty. So, while waiting for the lifts, we all performed some mini exercises to pass the time.

When I got out, the midnight was not as dark as I thought. While walking for a breath of fresh air, I bumped into two of my ex-colleagues as well. So, this is how far Hong Kong went to attract Malaysians.

Then I woke up because the alarm clock said its time to go to work.

Of tai-tais and yee lais

Dammn! I was halfway reading this blog/website of tip for tai-tais on how to keep their man. Some of the tips i could remember was:

1) Tai-tais should hold back on their ham cheen pieng mou sou in their hubby's food if its clear food like porridge
2) Beware of the juice from their Southern Yi Lais (presumably Singaporean or Indonesian) which is much more powerful
3) Damn! I can't remember anymore because............

Kristine just woke us up demanding milk