Buying stuff

OK, so I had a bit extra left over and since I am on a high with the drawings, I decided to buy more 'stuff' for this area of creativity. So, perhaps, this could be a start to my drawings again.

So I bought a plastic folder with transparent pockets,
a rubber, some felt tip pens and a white felt-tip pen
which gives white paint. Its like those correction pens
minus the uncontrollable oily puddles.

Then, I spotted a new shop selling things from
China. I was so happy to find this piece of treasure
as i saw this on the Internet months ago. This being
here now, means it is being flooded into the market now

For RM4.90, I got a transparent calculator, which
months ago, on the Internet, was being sold at an
obscene price. But here it is, for less than five ringgit

Nothing special about it but its the transparent
keypad which made it so special. There were
blue, red and black versions but the shop only
had blue.

All in all, its about 6 mm thick. But if you do
not take the display and solar cell into account,
is about 2mm thick. Oh, my admin girl showed
me that if you press "5", "6" and "C" or "ON"
together, it will shut off. It worked on her Canon
and when I tried on mine, it worked too. Hey,
wait a minute...........

Not being cool anymore

Saw this when I went to get my car. The
whole street was filled with the sound of
this guy banging away. Yeah, he is salvaging
a lot of fridges today. On the right of the
picture, (not shown) was a lot of fridge
parts lying about. The shed was a dustbin

Atoi the what?

Atoi the Ajaib (magical) Boy.
Wow. I am speechless............

Nuclear rice

In this Nuclear Age, a nuclear Family must
have one Nuclear appliance they can't do without

Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting the Nuked Rice.
Tasted OK but well, I am having porridge that night.

Moments before the deadline

15 minutes before I am due to meet the customer, shit happened. Yes, I needed to go to the toilet fast. At first, its just the water part which I am not bothered but once it finished, the hard part came.

Best of all, there were no tissues and I had to go back to the car to get some since it was empty in there. For the rest of the 5 minutes, I ran as fast as i could, only to be told to wait for another 15 minutes since the customer was still busy.

I grabbed a lot of tissues and put them
in my diary since my bag was full of books

And after all this, I took a walk later at the Cineleisure
to cool off. Noted that the actual 3D statues of the
Toy Story characters has been removed and replaced
with a 3D cardboard cut-outs. How 3D is that?

New toy for Dad

Not sure where he got this from, but from a
Telekom's bag, I would have to assume it is
what it is. Funnily enough, I used to service
a handset like this but here, and now, the
phone's menu interface and options is very
familiar. Very infringingly familiar. OEM?