Being Stupid at the wrong time

OK, ok. I have not been updating my blog for almost two weeks. This was because I was being stupid. Stupid in the sense that I corrupted my Notebook's hard disk. And no, I did not drop it or test if its waterproof in the toilet.

What I did was very simple. I usually back up all my pictures onto a DVD. And since my Dad's Lenovo has a DVD burner, what I would always do was to wait for th files to reach about 4GB or so, then transfer them to a thumbdrive before loading it to my Dad's Lenovo. Well, since my 9 year old Toshiba is now crawling, it takes almost an hour for the data transfer.

And so, the ever brightspark in me decided to get a USB-2.5 HDD adaptor. All I ever had to do was to remove the HDD from my Notebook, and plug it into the adaptor and then to my Dad's Lenovo. All I can say, is Its fast.

And so, being a lazy git, I decided to delete the files in my HDD while it is still plugged to my Dad's Lenovo. Which, I realised, was a bad thing to do, after days of thinking, that is. The reason is very simple. My Notebook's running on Win XP Pro while my Dad's was Vista. So, in Vista, I can still see the deleted files, but in XP Pro, its corrupted.

And the best part is, all the photos from January 1st 2010 to current date has 'disappeared'. And so, ladies and Gentlemen, imagine the horror I felt as they are very important to me. And they are also part of the blog. Luckily, the Office's Vista was about to 'see' my files and so, at the moment, all the files are backed up in there until I can find a way to get them off. And yeah, everyday as I sat facing that computer, I have not found out if the CD drive is a DVD burner or not.

And why its the wrong time? Because I am busy running everywhere as this is also the time where my customers realised that they need to make decisions before confirming any sales. And I have to do a lot of things for them such as mock-ups and samples. So, please bear with me.

Stupid as stupid goes. And I don't eve have enough
for a RM499 Synology NAS.