The problem with Kaelynn

For the past few weeks, we're up to our necks making sure the two sisters were well taken cared of. Frayed nerves and over the edge tempers flared, including climbing up the walls with everyone. Kristine's jealousy does not help either.

Why? Kaelynn cries and makes a lot of noise come nighttime. This carries on until the wee hours of the morning and sometimes, even four in the morning. And when she s realy in a bad mood (most of the time) we have hard time feeding her, bathing her and even calming her down, let alone making her sleep. Yeah, I am going nuts because of this and also, deeply, I know some of my friends are disappointed when I could not commit myself to help them with the electronics or projects. So, sorry la, guys. But I do whatever I could help if I can.

I cannot promise you a lot because when the time comes, due to family, I could be seen as breaking my promises. In the end, everyone feels bad.

But I hope to make it up to you next year after May when Kaelynn is not so troublesome (I hope)

This is one of the rarest pictures I could get.
Kaelynn sleeping peacefully at 1025 or so

For nexus III

OK, its done! Now, the only thing left is, a switch. Yeah, a switch.

I totally forgot about installing a switch.

How could I forget a switch?

Do you want a switch?

You want to go ON and ON and ON?