When you just don't like to eat

No matter how delicious it smells to everyone, when you just don't have the appetite, ...

... its just a mixture of green, orange and more green. Even if it was cooked by Mommy.

Mentos Mintensity

Not sure what this is supposed to be but one thing I am certain is that its in front of me. The 'Mintensity' pack must be some sort of an experiment for mints by Mentos. Sure they have the fruit mix and the Sour mix some time ago and it was well accepted by the Public. But Mints?

This is how the package looks like. Only those who are curious would buy them, or, well, Mint fans, I suppose.

The flavours are: Extrra, Strong, Fresh and Soft. Personally, I like Fresh.
So, for those who like to try out different versions of the Mint without having to buy individual packs, this is the more economical solution. But if you buy them outside the Mentos range, then the taste is reset.

The Green Tea Light

Finally, the Tea Lights have started to come into Malaysia. OK, they came more than a year ago but for some reasons, was not 'popular'. And the prices they commanded emited a lot of Boo's from the Wallet Community no doubt. Anyway, this coming from China, suprisingly, costs very little. So, for that price, I am sure there is something fishy there which really made me quite curious.

For you see, when it comes to a product, there is a minimal cost which if you go below it, there are a few possible explanations:

1) Someone bought them by container loads.
2) Someone wants to clear them by container loads
3) Someone else wants to use the container, or
4) Something new

And so, here it is. For that price, I am surprised (OK, not really) it even has a battery

Nothing special here, just the battery and a switch

Ah, this is where the mystery reveals itself! There are no circuit boards, just the switch and the LED.
And so, I have stumbled upon the next generation of the Flickering Tea Lights. In the first generation, it needed two button cell batteries and the flickering effect is controlled from a circuit board. Here, everything has been packed into the LED. All you need now is just the battery and there you go. This now only saves material costs but also, they can now turn them into actual candles if they wanted too as I have seen smaller batteries.

The only problem which I could not understand was why green? It should be warm white, damn it.

Anyway, it would be perfect for Bruce when and if he does a Flying Dutchman model.