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I know there's a joke somether but I just couldn't find it

Iron Man and the House of M

Ok, after dodging the comic shop for months, I have no choice but to pick up my bag (of goodies) or else they will sell it off to some other unsuspecting customer (Ha ha). Years ago, I used to buy a lot of comics such as Spawn, Iron Man, Spider Man, X-Men, Mangas and especially, Appleseed (Or any Masamune Shirow works). But after getting married, I really had to choose to either drop it completely or just get one or two titles.

I just love Iron Man and a bit of Batman

So, I stuck with Iron Man. I have been a fan of Iron Man since the 80's, buying them whenever I could. Because he was drawn by various artists, each of his armour varies from one artist to another. And sometimes, it was so cool and sometimes, it really sucked.

Just a few months ago, Marvel Comics generated a lot of hype on "The House of M" where Magneto's daughter, Wanda (aka The Scarlet Witch) has lost her marbles and this resulted in a World where its reality would never be the same. In other words, its time for Marvel to sucker every comicboy into buying their titles. This was just like in the 80's where the "Secret Wars" "forced" a lot of poeple to buy a horrendous lot of titles. For example, you have the main limited series Secret Wars book, followed by the tie-ins (affected comic titles). At the end of the day, you would have bought also a few other issues such as Spider-man, Fantastic Four, Thor, etc.

This is the same with The House of M. So, being a fan of Iron Man and I got suckered into buying the 3-issue limited sereis because of this picture:

Yeah, nice art and I was expecting more techno-stuff from Greg Pak

And I can tell you, the art and story sucks. The normal Iron Man series was much better.

The art from Iron Man series (left) and the one from House of M (right)

Please! Have some respect!

You stupid Myanmar Bastard!

Your Boss buys a PABX which costs more than your can ever get paid even in ten years! There is a reason why they reserve a room just for the PABX!

It is not a room for your own Gardening Hobby

And its not even a Gym for your puny muscles

Courtesy and Respect

When you have done good things and people knows about you, they will treat you with respect and their tone/body language reflects that.

And when they do not know you but still want to be civil about it, they will be courteous. And that is the difference.

I experienced this when I was at one of the customer's place yesterday. Both of us were engaged by the same reseller. So, this guy lays the cables and I terminate and program the extensions. And he is getting on, to the age where he should be enjoying fishing some where or reading papers and drinking his kopi-o.

It was in this incident which embarassed me. You see, he called me "sifu".

However, this is not because I have Martial Art skills or whatever skills which he thinks I am master of. But he did this due to courtesy and nothing else. In a way, he wants to talk to me but does not know my name (and vice nersa) so, to save both our faces, he address me as such. And I am a bit unconfortable because I am years younger than him, which IMHO, I should be giving him the title instead.

Nowadays, in this industry, I think, the title "Sifu" is now used to courteously address a person of his trade/skills when a site. Its much better then the usual, "Hey", or ".. so you do this and that..", "Ey, SinSang (Chinese for Mister)", "Lou sai" (As in Yo! Boss!) and even "Tailo, ah (in a sarcastic/friendly tone, depending on situation)

And I kept calling him Mister. Haih.